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Capital 10 thousand yuan of above are high-grade building dish collective appear
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Wait-and-see state of mind often is contradiction is mixed anxious

Bay of shan1hu2 of Jingshan of new Hua Lianli 12000 yuan / apartment of international of square metre, Jing Xi 12500 yuan / U-TOWN 17000 of square metre, actor the Tang Dynasty yuan / apartment of federal of square metre, S 23000 yuan / international of square metre, happy city 2 period rise in price, after modern city 3 period, everybody does not sit possibly again, exclaim is new politics the house price that still does not control Beijing.

Numerous the building of 10 thousand yuan of above dish collective appears, become in August the main distinguishing feature of building city. Reporter basis investigates discovery, of 10000 yuan of above new dish 40% what take total supply, the building of 8000 yuan of above dish more 54% what occupy gross. These buildings dish basically distributing the extensive CBD in area of the eastpart part board piece, sunny park board piece, face shell plating piece etc high-grade living area, and the central villatic area of upper section and inferior boreal villa area.

And the price poor dissimilation of old project later period is more apparent. In the item with top price, if be located in the view of road of north of sunny sweet river the Tang Dynasty villatic 2 period, the fine emerald green garden that is located in riverside of Wen Yu of countryside of sunny gold small cup 2 period and be located in sunny park on the west the part of second half of 9 apartment first phase of the road, these 3 projects all valence achieved 20000 yuan / square metre. In the project of price lowest, the central sunshine garden that if be located in prosperous,hill of smooth little boiling water presses down 2 period A area 6, price is 2800 yuan / square metre. The price difference between both achieved 17200 yuan / square metre.

The concentration that must not do it soon to the limit of one's capacity?

Fractionize analyse rises, numerous and high-grade dish of motive that chooses to entered town in August each are not identical. "New politics certain effect still produces to investing a guest after coming out, the client that a few have the intention that buy a house is in mostly manage money wait-and-see condition. The sale of high-end project is more rational, it is the project seals a top commonly, outside establish a face to come out to just face market sale formally later. The sale testimony that our project took in June, the regulation according to the country must open quotation. " open quotation is half happy care for Zhang Rong to chief inspector of market of Le Chengguo border: "However business of a lot of development also is awaiting a government to publish new policy detailed rules and do not be eager to selling, because this market is in a kind to be similar to vacuum condition, gave us the chance instead. Gave us the chance instead..
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