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Shenzhen city did not walk out of building of dish of get warm again after a col
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Near future share is new outstanding achievement of dish of open quotation sale is pretty good, the expert says is the differentiation be caused by as a result of wait-and-see group, can't judge wait-and-see period end
By July since, temporarily Shenzhen building city becomes silent to push dish of quantity to begin to rise stage by stage after macroscopical adjusting control, the share is new dish the hot situation before open quotation reproduced adjusting control, many new dish of one day sale 5 into above, tall achieve even 7 into many. But on the other hand, show according to land branch data, day of Shenzhen whole bridal chamber clinchs a deal the quantity does not have improvement as before. The personage inside course of study thinks, because the differentiation place of wait-and-see group is brought about,this kind of phenomenon may be, judgement is at present wait-and-see period whether to end return premature.

Much price of Lou Panzeng of sell like hot cakes is strong

From July bottom up to now, bank of red of city of your area apartment, 10 thousand divisions, the Milky Way, a person of academic or artistic distinction is rich bank of house, water is new 2 period, but field 5 period, the project such as faith samite garden in succession open quotation. Making what the market pays close attention to is, below the circumstance that still rises in the price, these buildings dish whole clinchs a deal before the state is compared apparently two months appeared to improve, appeared generally open quotation is hot the situation of sell like hot cakes.

Master information according to the reporter, on July 29, city of 10 thousand divisions 3 period the 4th batch of units are rolled out, integral sale exceeded 5 to become that day; Morrow, bank of red of the Milky Way head period put on sale, whole all valence achieves 32 thousand yuan / square metre, clinched a deal that day exceed 5 to become; Subsequently, on August 5, bank of water of · of beautiful million course of study is new 2 period open quotation, the price relatively first phase is comprehensive rise, that day open quotation clinch a deal half hours close 1/3; On August 12 the day of auspicious cloud · of open quotation century, all valence 10500 yuan / square metre, that day work off 513, nearly 5 into; Last weekend, · of beautiful million course of study but field 5 period enter town early or late with faith samite garden, former all valence relatively 4 period on tone makes an appointment with 1000 yuan / square metre, the sale is close that day 4 into, latter achieves horizontal hillock the record high of average house price, but as before a day sell 650 madly, the sale has been led 7 into.

Whether to walk out of wait-and-see there just was verdict in October

"Judgement is at present wait-and-see period the tendency that whether has an end, return premature. " Shenzhen star as man of virtual and ability Qing Zhonggui of general manager of assistant of landed career ministry thinks, these buildings dish sell well, still basically be the reason of project oneself, include the field such as character, price.
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