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Shenzhen area of carry out of fact of house of 1-7 month commodity falls compare
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Yesterday (24 days of) , bureau of Shenzhen city statistic releases newest statistic data to show, this year 1-7 month, shenzhen economy continues to coordinate healthy progress.
Statistical data shows, 1-7 month, accumulative total of investment of whole society fixed assets finishs sixty-two billion and forty-six million yuan, grow 13.1% . From investment the type looks, infrastructure invests thirty-one billion nine hundred and seven million yuan, grow 10.1% ; Estate development invests twenty-four billion seven hundred and twenty-one million yuan, grow 15.0% ; Transform investment newlier 4.287 billion yuan, grow 42.7% . 1-7 month, 39.8% what estate develops investment to hold investment total, than going up year of the corresponding period increase 0.6 percent.

1-7 month, area of commodity house construction twenty-eight million six hundred and twenty thousand six hundred square metre, grow 4.5% , among them, the residence nineteen million nine hundred and forty thousand one hundred square metre, grow 1.6% ; Area of commodity house complete 3.23 million square metre, grow 14.0% , among them, the residence two million four hundred and seventy-four thousand seven hundred square metre, grow 16.8% ; Commodity house sells an area actually four million seven hundred and ninety-five thousand nine hundred square metre, drop compared to the same period 21.2% ; Commodity house is actual sale forty-five billion three hundred and forty-one million yuan, grow 7.5% .

According to Shenzhen city data of sampling investigation of 600 dwellers family shows, 1-7 month, dweller average per capita can control income 13488.37 yuan, grow 7.3% , dweller average per capita consumes sexual defray 9410.94 yuan, grow 2.1% .

Additional, 1-7 month, implementation of whole town light industry raises a cost thirty-three billion seven hundred and nine million yuan, grow 11.1% ; Heavy industry is one hundred and nine billion six hundred and forty-four million yuan, grow 22.0% , heavy industry increases a value to hold integral industry proportion for 76.5% , than going up year of the corresponding period increase 2.4 percent.

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