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Does Shenzhen reveal housing to build a program whether the house price that kee
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Shenzhen announced the basis a few days ago " housing builds a program (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , future inside 5 years, shenzhen plans housing 690 thousand, include economy among them applicable housing 2. 60 thousand are mixed the public housing that rent 11. 40 thousand, in order to come true " often live to population door all is had or rent one ring house " .

Meanwhile, the house price of Shenzhen also is in rocket. Development is reformed appoint, the statistical result that national statistic bureau announces shows, whole nation of the 2nd quarter 70 big in urban house price rises compared to the same period, shenzhen with 14. Of 4 % go up panel height resides head of a list of names posted up.

Shenzhen housing construction plans come on stage can the house price that keep within limits shoots up?

Strong purchasing power forms tall house price

Wang Feng of director of research center of Shenzhen city estate says, shenzhen house price rises because supply demand relations is tense,rapid prime cause is. According to statistic, shenzhen city can be used at the land area of development to make an appointment with 700 square kilometer, and had developed at present achieve 500 square kilometer, land is supplied very nervous. Develop to come true to be able to last of the city, since 2002, shenzhen city reduced the amount of land sell one's own things, successive land of 4 years supplies constrictive policy, aggravate the insecurity that housing supplies.

On the other hand, the demand buying a house of Shenzhen is very exuberant however. Wang Feng says, shenzhen total population has been broken through at present 12 million, shenzhen has become one of cities with domestic population the biggest density, these people are the potential person that buy a house. Wang Feng says, the demand that increases commodity house market newly at present has 65 % to increase population newly oneself, and the demand that make a fresh start will come to increase population in the market that put an amount more occupy 90 % . The urgent leap of population is long, great raised requirement of Shenzhen estate market.

Shenzhen house price resides no less than high returning to a reason invests a guest namely. According to statistic, shenzhen bought 2 person buy a house that reach above house property to amount to 7553 people 2005, their trade the quantity occupies whole town to trade the scale of a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, area, amount is respectively 20. 16 % , 16. 5 % and 21. 5 % , if this kind of person that buy a house is the sentence that action in chief requests with investment, so the cordon that Shenzhen invests guest scale to had been close to 20 % very much.

When battalion carries Gao Haiyan of research center director accepts a reporter to interview, city of courtyard of division of Shenzhen city company expresses, although at present on the high side of Shenzhen estate value, but not serious deviate is due level, the purchasing power with strong Shenzhen forms tall house price.
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