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Into earn money with not does main rooms price soar does house price rise to dro
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Begin from May, in the time that is less than a month, came on stage early or late in the center of " country 6 " reach detailed rules of form a complete set " country 15 " , try to drop in temperature for estate market. However the market not because of " new politics " and tongueless, concerned estate is about to die dish of message that rises with sex of house price retaliation spread everywhere in in the bookshops.
The reporter discovers when interview, a few preparing open quotation and be about to the development business of open quotation is in bemused: New politics below, how should house price go after all? The person that a lot of allowing that buy a house also is fathomming: Next, is the house price of Chengdu to go up to still drop after all? If house price is true go up greatly like what pass call the turn or drop greatly, who will be to win the home? A few days ago, "The home of the person that buy a house " forum spread out intense discussion to this.   

Close first

Is Chengdu house price high?

Price of 1 Chengdu house considers the viewpoint tender

Us " do not tell good fortune in blessing personally "

Chen Qian (foreign enterprise employee) : I went to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing a few days ago, these a few places just are now estate has a fever the fiercest place, go up at every turn 10 thousand, see the room value of our Chengdu again later, just discover so we are bodies do not tell good fortune in blessing, a few my friends are in Shanghai, income follows me about the same, assume taller than Chengdu severalfold house price, think I am lucky still.

Chengdu house price rises not quite

Shen Yan (reporter of Chengdu broadcast broadcasting station) : I think the house price of Chengdu calculates tenderness than returning with other city, go up do not calculate too big, basically be Shanghai, Beijing what city, easily thousands of go up, do the person fierce.

Price of 2 Chengdu house has the point of view the point is high

Head Fu Ye wants 10 come 10 thousand

Yang Cheng (ad company employee) : I come Chengdu 5 years, put below 60 thousand money eventually, make work a few days ago with the girlfriend building ministry turns, the result came home to quarrel with the girlfriend one. For what? Buy to cover casually 2 be about 3, 400 thousand, head Fu Sancheng also wants 10 much, this bit of money decorates my bag Baotou quite only. If wages does not rise, house price does not rise, I must work 20 years again talent is promising buy a house, be afraid that moment girlfriend is early is not mine, you say, I how not depressed!

Earn money with not main rooms price soars

Xia Mei (bagman) : Since after having a job, all day long is bread to rush about, my target is there is oneself home in this city, have a house that belongs to oneself, no matter size. But the house price that my effort often does not follow to go up to shoot up quickly.
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