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Guangzhou floor price falls two months continuously if true adjusting control is
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According to the statistical data of net of sunshine home predestined relationship, the annulus of Guangzhou floor price August drops than appearing again, this is afterwards of macroscopical adjusting control new politics since glide the 2nd times continuously.

Annulus of before 20 days is compared fall it is about 2.5% , be less than 4.8% July. According to the pace is calculated first, at present Guangzhou builds commodity house all valence is 6402 yuan / square metre.

The Central Bank inside 4 months add twice breath, loan of the attune on accumulative total is standard interest rate 0.54 percent. Add the breath substantial influence to floor price to still cannot pass data to show temporarily, but drop to floor price in the person that buy a house anticipate buildup case falls, its depreciate to what building city arises pressure is existence undoubtedly.

In addition, development business still is facing pressure of severe with each passing day capital steam again. As we have learned, building city trades the quantity is in " country 15 " etc new politics below the influence successive already two many months are in low, this brings about the pressure of capital steam again that develops business to increase directly. The personage inside course of study predicts, below capital pressure, development business is stemmed from as soon as possible the consideration of steam again capital, the market will be greeted depreciate sales promotion is current.

As we have learned, already had a building at present dish subscribe discount is achieved 9 fold, still have a few buildings dish to alleviate capital pressure, had begun to pass semifinished product open quotation, choose special offer unit on the weekend, buy a building to send ready money, call costly fact the method such as low is dark fall house price. These not apparent depreciating are called by market personage dark fall, fall after a rise of price of house of predicting Guangzhou of the personage inside course of study will be in data of statistic of next month government show.

Traded in July the volume drops defeat 500 thousand square metre

As we have learned, this year since May, the country is macroscopical adjusting control policy hits out again and again, of estate market trade brisk rate suffers greatly dozen pressure. According to statistic of ministry of survey of market of classics abb real estate, july of Guangzhou commodity house trade area four hundred and thirty-nine thousand six hundred square metre, be in recent years only month is the smallest clinch a deal area, drop first defeat 500 thousand square metre to close greatly.

Statistical data shows, this one declining tendency is changed this month, look from scale, before this month 20 days clinch a deal area annulus is compared grew 26.6% considerably. Up to yesterday afternoon 6 when, guangzhou commodity house trades this month the area is four hundred and twenty-six thousand four hundred square metre, the sale area that already approached full July month four hundred and thirty-nine thousand six hundred square metre.
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