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Became off-season to be city of building of busy season Chongqing in August burn
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Burning hot was about to go in August, and in this month numerous new dish put date or open quotation in succession, make Chongqing building city and Chongqing the weather of 40 ℃ is general " fervent " . In in former years, hold dish of gimmick and development rhythm according to what great majority develops business, new dish choose to came out September commonly promotion, in order to prepare for war of October portion autumn hand in meeting. Now year, begin from August, a few buildings dish begin to come out in midsummer season appear, for traditional busy season " Jin Jiuyin 10 " run-up.
Became off-season to be busy season in August

Burning hot summer, traditional room city is off-season, new politics come on stage, these are the part that make many industry public figures anxious. But from this year impetus of summertime market sale looks, chongqing building city still was maintaining better sale outstanding achievement in August. "Say the summer is off-season, the person that buy a house is little, but will look from another respect, the summer arrives the client just that visit is the accurate client that has the demand that buy a house, see allow commonly. " course of study the personage says so. Be worth what carry is, the building city of midsummer still started a cool and refreshing wind continuously: Scene of northland of cool and refreshing night, China eaves defeats clever river bank of corridor bridge brilliant glacial action, southern group " the summer is cool and refreshing activity seeing a room " ... each big development business increased a building dish sales promotion strength, roll out plan of job of cool and refreshing buy in succession, make each buildings dish be in off-season in the sale outstanding achievement that creates person giving arrogant.

In September Chongqing building city " dragon looks up "

The personage inside course of study thinks, to city of building of second half of the year, august is a doorsill that has stridden the past. The Chongqing building city this month already showed sign of get warm again after a cold spell, the sale improves stage by stage, new dish appear on the market outstanding achievement not common, market confidence begins to restore, hopeful of Chongqing building city begins what force of raise, labor goes strong to brew small going up from September on attack prices. A course of study the personage tells a reporter, whole of Chongqing building city anabiosises not only imperative, and already peep clue, market inflection point appears in 9, the thing that October portion should be follow a rational line to do some work well. Well-known, 9, the building city busy season that October portion is second half of the year, plus " 11 " of National Day golden week strong prop up; Autumn room hands in the stimulation that can hold the interest good factor such as shortly, 9, city of building of October portion Chongqing " dragon looks up " success will come when conditions are ripe of new phase it may be said.
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