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Shenzhen house price still rises tenaciously last weekend new dish add suddenly
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Editor's note
First half of the year, after country and Shenzhen publish policy of a series of macroscopical adjusting control, although the house price of Shenzhen still shows the sign that rise tenaciously, but shrink quantity phenomenon is very apparent. Relevant data shows, begin from the half moon below May, the market clinchs a deal the amount decreases. Among them skill building market pushs dish of quantity to decrease apparently, clinch a deal not lukewarm not fire, what the market shows nearly two years to see inaccessibly is sober with reason, picture says to go up " cold and cheerless " .

Nevertheless, in the adjusting control that experienced 3 months after low ebb period, the calm of skill building market was broken at a draught it seems that however recently: On August 26, bank of the East China Sea of 10 thousand divisions 3 period royal open quotation of large family of sea of clouds; Slow city folds outfit of Fang Cheng of example of scene high level the 2nd batch to appear; Violet county of health bridge · is held " card of diamond of unit of small high level is distributed and owner acknowledges meeting " activity; Lake heart island goes vacationing apartment holds royal product news briefing and example room to open an activity; On the west the business street is built on the city -- city impression is made public on the west choose a store. On August 27, open quotation of great kindness of front courtyard of Qi peak China... last weekend, many new dish roll out at a heat, push dish of spot to heat up song, hot dance with sth in one's hands, still have already disappeared the enthusiasm of much day, before the market returned adjusting control it seems that lively. "Jin Jiuyin 10 " the fastigium that all along is estate sale, , nearly two days lively be already matting? Nevertheless, the personage inside many course of study is careful to this Shang Bao see. (Qiu Dan is pure)

Open quotation of great kindness of front courtyard of Qi peak China

The front yard of Qi peak China that by Shenzhen auspicious Qi group makes meticulously on August 27 great kindness open quotation, torrid weather sustains the mood with fervent nevertheless spot. It is reported, this second roll out more than 600 unit in all, clinch a deal that day 183, achievement arrogant person.

Sunshine garden the total floor area of Hua Ting of peak of the 5th period Qi 80 thousand more than square metre, be located in cloth auspicious to enter the water diameter, adjacent and busy cloth auspicious street. Before the course 4 period develop construction, sunshine garden has become cloth auspicious piece the mature person with famous area resides big community. Of the summit summit that Qi peak Hua Ting regards sunshine as the garden make, the perfect form a complete set that all enjoys practised community, convenient the advantage such as traffic.
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