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Secondhand does in pairs of room volume price drop is Shenzhen secondhand does h
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The evening before last, 2 news sow CCTV signed up for Shenzhen secondhand the room appears 5 years to estimate value first double dropping message, the report says to drop extent is amounted to two into.

The reporter investigated discovery with all possible means yesterday, although the market personage of Shenzhen does not approbate this to be occupied, but a variety of expression of the market all prove, of Shenzhen secondhand house price fell really.

The report in CCTV news says, newest data shows, in August the first ten days of a month, shenzhen whole town is secondhand the room clinchs a deal all valence is every square metre 7001.4 yuan, the price is compared the first ten days of a month dropped in July two into, the quantity trades to also drop in the meantime, point out " this is close come to Shenzhen 5 years be announced first secondhand in pairs of room volume price drops " . But this report did not disclose news source.

Often advertent Shenzhen is secondhand the person of room website can discover, recently, shenzhen is secondhand room website stands: On Shenzhen estate website secondhand house price undertook reducing in succession really.

Central area is an area with Shenzhen house most strong price. Yesterday, the reporter discovers on the net, the much place inside this area is secondhand house building dish inside, have the room cause that the price reduces. In order to be located in new continent the times of roadside Hua Tingwei exemple, valence is in this Lou Panjun control in 9000 yuan all the time before 3 two months, but the reporter discovered however on the net yesterday, there already was much place on the net secondhand room source reduced the price 8000 yuan or so.

"This kind of price reduces the state of mind that mirrorred partial owner to cast dish of heart to cut on one hand, also do not eliminate to have the part that attributes strategy of landed intermediary sale partly at the same time. Accordingly, the citizen that buys a house of purpose is OK again rational and wait-and-see period of time. " analysis of a personage inside course of study.

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