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Is bridal chamber secondhand is the room in drop is Shenzhen secondhand does hou
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CCTV report falls amount to two into, on Shenzhen net secondhand house price is reduced in succession
The evening before last, 2 news sow CCTV signed up for Shenzhen secondhand the room appears 5 years to estimate value first double dropping message, the report says to drop extent is amounted to 2 into. The reporter investigated discovery with all possible means yesterday, although the market personage of Shenzhen does not approbate this to be occupied, but a variety of expression of the market all prove, of Shenzhen secondhand house price fell really.

Is Shenzhen secondhand does house price fall two into?

CCTV press says, newest data shows, in August the first ten days of a month, shenzhen whole town is secondhand the room clinchs a deal all valence is every square metre 7001. 4 yuan, the price is compared the first ten days of a month dropped in July two into, the quantity trades to also drop in the meantime, point out " this is close come to Shenzhen 5 years be announced first secondhand in pairs of room volume price drops " . But this report did not disclose news source.

Is this data authoritative? The reporter connected controller of Shenzhen estate research center Dr. Wang Feng above all yesterday. This research center is research organization of subordinate of branch of Shenzhen city land, every quarter can produce heat market of estate of a this locality considers to analyse a report. As a result of its data comes from land branch directly, because this is most authoritative. Dan Wangfeng tells a reporter, those who carry land section is secondhand the system trades on room net, still give Shenzhen without law statistic at present secondhand the room already dropped 2 become data, shenzhen is secondhand the room is after all dropping is to fall, still need farther observation. He guesses, the data that CCTV cites perhaps comes from the estate folk research organization of Shenzhen.

Dan Wangfeng thinks, because the bridal chamber price of Shenzhen produced the fall of little scope, in view of secondhand the linkage effect of room and bridal chamber, secondhand house price also should be met suffer an effect.

Yesterday, zhang Wei of research center chief inspector discloses deep harbor of Central Plains real estate, according to the data of this center statistic, this year in July, of Shenzhen secondhand room all valence is every square metre 8682 yuan, dropped in June than this year 2 % . "Though still cannot say,be will 5 years drop first, but it is this year at least since drop first. " Zhang Wei analysis says, shenzhen is secondhand July the main reason that house price drops is that month tax policy impact is bigger, bring about a few owner to cast dish, additional, average that month house increases into double ratio exemple, a person of extraordinary powers clinchs a deal curtilage less the change of sex of this kind of structure also is to cause a cause that house price drops that month. He tells a reporter, same question also happens on bridal chamber market.
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