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Period room trades the volume drops the Central Bank is added again breath force
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On August 19, the Central Bank is added once more breath, this has been the near future come end Central Bank added breath hind again in April breath, this transmits a signal to the market undoubtedly, at present the market had been entered add news channel, according to the convention, future still can be added breath. And to the real estate with bank be closely bound up, its react is the most acute undoubtedly, add for many times breath let numerous the person that relies on loan to buy a house more step forward dimension difficult, consumer begins to plan increase the loss that ceases to be brought to oneself. On August 19 up to now close already two weeks, the wait-and-see sentiment of the market is more strong, trade the volume falls defeat once more.

Period room trades the quantity is immersed in new low

The reporter goes up from net of Beijing estate buying operation fair shown data learns, the Central Bank added breath hind once more on August 19, residential period room trades the volume drops once more. This has been successive room of 3 weeks of residence period trades be immersed in low fan.

Because net of Beijing estate buying operation is in 24, 25, 26 days undertake the system is debugged, add breath hind trade these days the data of the statistic on the net has only on August 19 - 23 day and 27 day, data of 28 days, but, from this data of 7 days can see, trade the capacity appears to drop considerably. Announced on August 19 add of breath that day, period room clinchs a deal the quantity is 438, this still attributes moderate level, but on August 20, immediately pelter is 303, back-to-back on August 21, trade the quantity also has 316 only, on August 22, fall again it is 311, although trade,the quantity picked up somewhat on August 23, but also have 450 only, and 27 days are 224 to fall more, 28 days pick up 616. 7 days of when have statistic when add breath hind average day trade the quantity is 379, and 3 weeks before are respectively 390, 391, 424, add breath hind to trade the volume fell new low.

In occupying greatly statistic of research center of praedial sale market shows constant radical, a week that increases breath hind produced change on loan problem, the person that selects entire section to buy a house increased to be 5 % about, and clinch a deal the volume also drops somewhat, drop to be 7.8 % about.

The Central Bank is added once more breath, although the main purpose of breath is not in Bencijia estate market, and trade quantity respect also is done not have substantially change, but also can see, add breath to buying a house person psychology is affected cannot small inspect, also explain wait-and-see mood is in the market aggravate.

Secondhand room market is firm in have litre

Differ with bridal chamber, bank go up again tone buys room loan interest rate, since a week secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity was not affected by its, rise somewhat instead. According to " believe a day " clinch a deal data shows, since the bank increases news a week overall clinch a deal quantity relatively rose last week 7.5% . The client quantity that register, room source amount that register is larger than appearing last week also promotion, rose respectively 16.3% , 10.2% . Among them commodity Fang Benzhou rises than last week into the photograph that pay an amount 16% , already bought public house and economy applicable room clinchs a deal the volume rose than last week 12% .
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