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Shenzhen is secondhand the building clinchs a deal the quantity begins to pick u
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Clinch a deal according to Central Plains real estate data shows, go up this month, the middle ten days of a month, shenzhen is secondhand the residence clinchs a deal area relatively on lunar the corresponding period increases 7 % , clinch a deal the quantity finishs sole to rebound, begin to pick up gradually.
Baoan area clinchs a deal to grow 4 compared to the same period into many, first what occupy each area; Lotus pond and saline market clinched a deal to increase nearly 4 into, add for inside Shanghaiguan fast the fastest area. Of lotus pond clinch a deal to basically compare tall property to go up in sexual price centrally, it is better to maintaining all the time from pond of lotus of the beginning of the year clinch a deal atmosphere.

The 3 class market of saline is current in order to go vacationing a person of extraordinary powers curtilage kind property is given priority to, latter also all the time relatively active. Coming is it is good to adjust the policy that supplies a structure to have certain interest curtilage to a person of extraordinary powers,

Meanwhile, of dragon hillock area clinch a deal increase 1 into many, cloth auspicious is main force. City of cloth auspicious building is very active, drove demand, make a few grail wait to have many clinching a deal like garden of Gui Fang garden, beautiful lake; Drive action to market of whole town whole this month the biggest still is blessing cropland area, as clinch a deal the bibcock with the largest amount, clinch a deal this month the quantity increases 8 to nod, be in thereby south a mountainous area market is pulled below depressed condition move 3 class markets of whole town to clinch a deal quantity up; South hill clinched a deal to still drop than July this month 1 into half, the demand of hill always is easier south be restrained. Of course, having a main reason among them is this month the influence of individual income tax, to south hill this go up nearly 2 years a the largest area, the impact of duty is quite big.

August is new politics hind the 3rd month, 3 class market finishs the sole this year to rebound prices, begin to walk out of policy shadow stage by stage.

From clinch a deal situation see, new politics begin from May to the refrigeration of 3 class market, obtained cereal copy in June, clinched a deal to stop to glide and begin to look up in July, was in in August continued on the foundation in July small increase. Clinch a deal the changed to reflect policy range well influence of the quantity, with the anticipation of policy guiding market change matchs, while behavior of market main body is considering each factor, show what have logic relatively to clinch a deal behavior, show Shenzhen 3 class market is more and more mature.

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