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Shenzhen house price fell in July defeat 10 thousand yuan to close greatly forec
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Deep house price falls defeat 10 thousand yuan to close greatly forecast fall to 1000 yuan 7 the following

According to " the Workers'Daily " report, price of house of Shenzhen of strong all the time unabated began to give now to drop July trend. The data that natural resources of Shenzhen city land and house property management board published on August 9 shows, shenzhen commodity house clinched a deal July all valence every square metre 9778 yuan, dropped than June 1.7% , broke through begin every square metre from last year 10 thousand Yu Yuan's situation.

1 million smooth rice residences use Shenzhen the ground appeared on the market centrally in October Shenzhen may be before October use house of 1.14 million square metre the ground to center sell one's own things, alleviate substantially thereby come a few years land supplies in short supply situation. City land natural resources and house property management board are in at present the plan of sell one's own things with specific formulate.

Deep housing construction plans wait-and-see the person that buy a house eats " sth capable of comforting sb " Shenzhen announced the basis a few days ago " housing builds a program (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , future inside 5 years, shenzhen plans housing 690 thousand, include economy among them applicable housing is mixed 26 thousand sets the public housing that rent 114 thousand, in order to come true " often live to population door all is had or rent one ring house " .

Deep CBD changes into office building of target of global name look forward to headquarters

Up to now, 500 strong companies of world invested 55 projects in blessing cropland, even more is group of 1000 domestic and international well-known industries, big the company sets battalion carry, sale or headquarters of research and development in blessing cropland, have a batch of international well-known company established production base, purchase center and business affairs orgnaization. Blessing cropland area appoint district government will hold to " big environment " development strategy, be stationed in investment business to build top-ranking big environment to enter, future will be effect of investment of foundation of Shenzhen CBD early days 5 years release period, also be transnational corporation and headquarters of China and foreign countries enter the fastigium that is stationed in investment.

Thousands of project of whole nation of corner of development business defect appeals folk

Come on stage in the country policy mixes a variety of adjusting control to add the overlay of breath to affect continuously, more and more development business are immersed in corner in capital respect. Recently, the channel of an estate financing that Shanghai holds is analytic on the meeting, have reporter discovery, have inside the market quite real-estate project of the amount seeks capital support.
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