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Depreciate does the message come from civilian Shenzhen secondhand does house pr
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CCTV " Shenzhen is secondhand the room estimates value double drop " the report affects building city will of people, data may come from civilian orgnaization, does reporter canvass discover the part is secondhand does floor price fall nearly two into?
The evening before last, broadcast over a radio network of CCTV economy information reports, shenzhen is secondhand the room appears 5 years to estimate value first double dropping message, the price drops extent is amounted to 2 into. Shenzhen is secondhand of room market trade the volume is going in the official statistic data of annual bottom, already held the half of country of whole estate market, it is health of Shenzhen estate market active additional kind of scenery.

Is actual? Because secondhand room and the linkage of bridal chamber concern, secondhand of the room depreciate, whether to mean bridal chamber price to also be about to begin to turn around downward? The reporter undertook be investigatinged with all possible means for this yesterday, although this occupies what did not get authority to confirm, but a few well-known buildings had appeared really on the market dish depreciate " reduction sale " message.

Depreciate message

The likelihood comes from civilian research organization

CCTV says in the report, newest data shows, in August the first ten days of a month, shenzhen whole town is secondhand the room clinchs a deal all valence is every square metre 7001.4 yuan, the price is compared the first ten days of a month dropped in July two into, the quantity trades to also drop in the meantime, point out this is close come to Shenzhen 5 years be announced first secondhand in pairs of price price quantity drops.

Authoritative orgnaization still has no conclusion

The reporter consults controller of Shenzhen estate research center Dr. Wang Feng at this point. This research center is research organization of subordinate of bureau of city land house property, release Shenzhen estate market to consider to analyse a report regularly. As a result of its data comes from land branch directly, because this is most authoritative. Wang Feng thinks, because the bridal chamber price of Shenzhen produced the fall of little scope, secondhand house price is affirmation by the influence. But he expresses, those who carry land section is secondhand the system trades on room net, still give Shenzhen without law statistic at present secondhand the room trades the price already dropped 2 become data, specific litre fall the ability after data statistic is released. The data that he analyses CCTV to cite may come from the estate folk research organization of Shenzhen. Beautiful couplet, Central Plains: Depreciate nearly two into

Nevertheless, the civilian landed research organization of Shenzhen has really secondhand the concerned statistic data that house price drops. The statistic of beautiful couplet property makes clear, whole town of Shenzhen of the first ten days of a month is secondhand in August clinch a deal all valence photograph is compared the first ten days of a month had in July be close to two become fall, also compare at the same time the last ten-day of a month dropped to become the left and right sides in July. And, in price fall while, clinch a deal the capacity also appeared bigger glide, buying and selling clinchs a deal a several photographs than 2005 the corresponding period drops adjacent 4 into. Its statistic report still says, the circumstance that this kind of in pairs that estimate value drops does not see more.
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