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Be bored with of the cat in domestic outfit process becomes the chaos that black
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Current, the family decorates caused contradiction to already became the issue with relatively outstanding society, nanjing has about 5000 greatly small homes to hold a firm now, the home installed Nanjing 2002 trade the forehead amounts to 2.8 billion yuan, nanjing home outfit traded 2005 the forehead is swift and violent increase to 260 billion yuan, install the swift and violent development of course of study as Nanjing home, the citizen is complained to what the home holds a firm increasingly grow in quantity, last year only guild of Nanjing city adornment accepts an outfit to be complained nearly 200 cases in all, came this year in January October, the domestic outfit that this association accepts is complained achieve many cases 410. Domestic outfit is called by people " regretful project " , the problem that domestic outfit course of study exists already made the crucial point that restricts the home to install an industry to develop further.

Domestic outfit complains black camera lens

Camera lens one: Furniture deliver goods sends vent one's anger

The near future, our newspaper hot line receives what install about the home many cases to complain.

Recently, citizen Mr Liu is complained say, before a many month, he is in Nanjing always grand household spent 16000 yuan to buy a furniture, preparation marries in lunar base. When always when the staff member that grand lives in delivers furniture, the knock when TV setting wall is being carried by the staff member is bad. Subsequently, mr Liu is found always bargaining of grand household city, should live in a city however the staff member expresses, group person is repaired to Mr Liu home. After a few days, the maintenance technician of furniture city comes to Mr Liu home, maintenance technician saw the TV setting wall of attaint say, TV setting wall cannot be maintained, want to send there manufacturer to do exchange goods processing. After waiting for maintenance technician to go, does Mr Liu sincere  of  of harmonious of  Hao horsefly tells appropriate to break through Tuo Lai You of  ⑾ establish again is pilfer of  of jab of Jie of  of Guo of serve of Nai of  of Huan of  of haw of faithful pagoda tree thought of bow with hands clasped to mirror chasm graceful to death appropriate of appearance of exhausted  of  of low of cough of Yi of  of  of second  Xu? Nbsp;

Nanjing always chief Ms. Guo of grand household city is being accepted when interviewing, say, give knock because of the orders Mr Liu carelessly TV setting wall of their staff member bad, household city promises to change for Mr Liu, still have mensal problem, household city needs to change a part to manufacturer, because the manufacturer home of this furniture is in Guangdong, deliver goods come over to need time, delayed on time so, nevertheless household city and Mr Liu undertook negotiation, mr Liu also agrees at that time. Ms. Guo says, because that piece of bed that Mr Liu orders makes sales promotion, a lot of people were booked, now is to offer money not as good as, because this does not have can seasonable ground to send to Mr Liu,arrive, when they assure to be able to be by the month, mix wall of bed, setting mensal fittings sends in Mr Liu home.
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