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Sleep a sweetness those who become aware it is important to begin from the bedro
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If the will bright indoor light before sleeping is put out entirely, meeting feeling does not have atmosphere very much. Add the floor lamp of some of indirect lighting, or berth lamp, the atmosphere that downy light can make bedroom full warmth is romantic, the light from turn brightly for quietly elegant sort very rich, can choose according to the atmosphere of own bedroom.

After the business that ends one day, before sleeping to be in, make mood calm, on the thing that can change attention find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, the photograph of Zhang Hua or one scenery, a peotry anthology or novel, storybook or caricature... the place that can touch in the hand is put on 2, 3 books that oneself love, also can be in in room place a bookshelf, the book that likes oneself is saved centrally rise.

Want to choose to won't destroy the contracted kind of the atmosphere inside house. Had better use in the bedroom what won't give out noise is horological, in insomnious day, this kind of sound can make a person more irritating.

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