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New cruel mankind reads surely: Watching your home TV is moss-grown
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How does the television wear fashionable dress? Perhaps you indissoluble greatly. But if the television in your impression is returned now,be only compasses is medium in the middle of a square Founder of quadrature " metallic box " . Then you can fall behind...

Can you imagine? Greatly inviting red apple, or the giraffe that is a lovely stretchy neck, again or it is a round basketball, a cello that is full of simple sense... these are televisions so " new clothes " ! Feel mysterious? That follows we go making visit one time.

Present television, go not be pure any more " can inspect " course. Not long ago is in ramble when Home Xu collects beautiful Luo Cheng, I discovered suddenly very special call HANNSPREE(vasting Si Baoli) brand shop. Storefront is entered first, still think entered toyshop of a theme, arrive from small Xiong Weini the pumpkin carriage of Cinderella, arrive from fire engine helicopter... fix eyes on just discovers after one look, all these is television of liquid crystal of a stage actually! So distinctive outward appearance is designed, let me be astonished greatly, it overturned completely square Founder of the television in people heart impression, did not think of a television really also can so many appearance is colorful.

Fashionable: Cartoon is forever theme, the television of HANNSPREE is not exceptional also of course. Arrive from simple and honest dimension Buddhist nun beautiful Cinderella, from " toy general mobilization " in the Basiguang of proud integrity year arrive " 101 true dogs " stain dog bone, in be being blended in to design. My individual loves pumpkin carriage quite this one, whole TV set is the modelling of carriage of a pumpkin, it is fundamental key with ashen pearl color, it is OK to there are 4 below mobile wheel, imprint on pumpkin the pattern that has Cinderella, make whole modelling wants thematic be clear at a glance of expression, build the atmosphere that gives a kind of illusion, the reverse side is the group photo that placed a prince and Cinderella more, appear sweet and sweet.

Grade: The person of exquisite life grade also can find a favorite here. Serve as formative with cello " wooden fiddle " design, be design inspiration with the gem of bright " demon give up " , with what serve as inspiration with luxurious car and watch " Zurich " , it is the person design that pursues grade technically. What be worth to be carried particularly is " wooden fiddle " design, concise exterior, simple sense of the metal and woodiness pledge feeling photograph is united in wedlock, regard main around as setting with Mu Wen, rear with fine the fine metallic stand that contains radian serves as prop up, make whole design appears elegant and dark, with respect to the one horn that is in a room like postmeridian sunshine illuminate, dark and old bookshelf and the woodiness floor that are shot by in relief illumination formed a kind of dark contrast, very quiet feeling.
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