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Share baby of a home to occupy my space with lovely cartoon
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Say northeast girl grows so that carry high already beautiful, see Song Ning, I just believe this word truly, she is having northeast girl's bright and clear one side, after the home that visits her, discover her in the heart the one side of childishness.

In Song Ning's home, cartoon toy is true still many, the SNOOPY that places on the dog of wool cloth with soft nap that bends over on the bed, desk, still have the scampish rabbit that hanging on the wall, the Song Dynasty is sending out everywhere in peaceful home the breath of children.

Little file:

This period honored guest: Song Ning
Native place: Shenyang
Profession: Actor

Basic door model: Two rooms one hall one hutch two defend
Floor area: 110 square metre
Decorate total prices: 50 thousand yuan
Decorate time: 60 days


Share a home with cartoon

Those who enter a room the first times to see is the scampish hare on shoe ark, next on sofa, in the cabinet, lovely little baby is everywhere by the television, looked at, ha! The doorknob that connects every door unexpectedly has a little baby on the hand, "Also I hang that! " Song Ning great is laughing, "Agree to let off every corner of the room hardly, key of tip of ability of Χ of Beng of freezer, ambry, TV, sofa blows litter course of study to look  of ń of ㄍ of ┛ of Wu of admire of  of cabin of R of Chu of ㄍ ㄊ Zhan takes an examination of Song  pilfer to be like swan plinth! ? Nbsp;

Although be being decorated,go up, song Ning was done only assure, whitewash the wall these foundations such as lacquer, patch block are decorated, of the house decorate cost not tall, the lamp altogether in the room spent hundreds of yuan, but Song Ning's home is very vivid however, lively, detail thering is no lack of. I like Ning Jiana of the Song Dynasty's only honest and tolerant dog very much, conscientiously ground bends over to go up in the bed, slouch ear, be like be deceived general, lovely to extremely!

Warmth is vivid clue


House of movie of sitting room part-time job

Actually to a person character, the utilization rate of the sitting room should exceed the use of pair of kitchens, toilet, bedroom far, when be in alone or get together with friend photograph, here always is first selection. The sitting room of peace home did the Song Dynasty to differentiate well, one is disc area, one is to receive a visitor area. Receive a visitor area and kitchen are linked together cheek by jowl, such taking take beverage to perhaps want what to do casually, the metropolis is very optional.

Lie between this part space that stands by the balcony into area of a disc, this one area is to be used technically do see big wait for recreational area, resemble bending over bend over bending over to watch TV like bear. Normally oneself enjoy this area alone, when considering a person at ordinary times, silently back is on the sofa that admire in the heart, see piece of disc perhaps hear music, it is to come adorably extremely. When leisure, sit in also meet above sofa very satisfied
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