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The home installs new look just is fashionable theme makes visual impressions mo
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Besides traditional white, cream-colored, Brown department, the family was decorated 2005 gave a lot of new shade. Delicate and charming the green that the red that is about to drip, blue waves ripples, purple that is full of an illusion... decorate in household in, lifted a regression natural, advocate of environmental protection " bright " wet, the visual impressions that lets household is more pure and fresh, lively.

Simple natural text

Since Spring 2005, the data with a few natural very strong breath becomes consumer to reside the home to decorate, the illuminative is bestowed favor on newly. On material, the businessman takes the environmental protection sex of its itself seriously not only, emphasize those who create a vision to go up experiencing more, this also is the higher demand to material. No matter be floor or household, as long as it is lumber is qualitative the wind that gives a kind of nature fully model, feeling letting a person resembled walking into a forest in same, breath, eye shot times move is new.

Still having a kind of grain that has manual feeling also is the new main trend with household qualitative material. Natural grain comes from at nature, give a person a kind of natural close sense, reflected the harmonious beauty between person and nature, also mirror instead one kind is with nature this contemporary design concept.

In addition, "Bright " the flower also was this times bake in a pan to go up bright impress. Be united in wedlock with the cotton print that feels with sweet, romance to the person and modern equipment, contemporary material, formed to have rich affective space, with affection moving. 2005, apply " flower " will reflect nature, the application in furniture waits in floor, mensal, tea table, give a person the sense with the most natural rural regression.

Agitation of dazzle eye colour

2005, domestic outfit colour is given priority to with bright-coloured color dozen, for instance gules, orange, yellow, these pasts are in home outfit now and then use as the warm color attune of the ornament is become however nowadays " advocate play a song " . According to introducing, in all color, what red can quicken pulse most is jumpy, because this contact is gules too much, can feel press press of body and mind, appear fretted feeling, contact red for long to still can make a person fatigue. But if use extremely weak pink oar to expect,whitewash the wall, match again with bulb of of all kinds, can make whole room creates enthusiastic, warm atmosphere; Come with emulsioni paint of the wall inside red adornment marriage bridal chamber, criterion more appear festival, lively.

In addition, orange can produce vigor, inviting appetite, conduce to calcic absorption, the most comfortable at be being used in dining-room, but chroma is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise, the likelihood makes a person too excited, the consequence with occurrence undesirable mood. Still have purple of extremely rich romantic colorific, it is to make Luo Mandi overcome the helper with best emotional appeal. Lilac inside wall, proportional the gauze qualitative floor lamp that fastens with color, candle power sways in the center, in all appraise is unbroken affection thing.
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