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New clothes bathroom explodes vitreous injury and family sale just say to not be
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Yao Hao of reporter of report from our correspondent reports: Last night 7 when make, building of Ou Mou of bay of Guangzhou city Li dish the toughened glass in one resident bathroom is abrupt and dissilient, an old person of 70 years old on the spot by vitreous cut.

When the reporter receives a newspaper to hurry to the spot, see, the vitreous door in this resident bathroom is completely dissilient, there is the cullet of a lot of grain shapes on bathroom ground. Owner beyond young lady says, by toughened glass cut is her mom. When the accident, the old person goes the bathroom takes washing powder, transmit suddenly from the bathroom " rumble " blare, more than young lady and husband develop a bathroom immediately, the head of the old person and hand ministry all are bled by vitreous fragment cut at that time, they send the old person toward around hospital immediately.

More than young lady says, last year April, she is in supermarket of building materials of × of Guangzhou city good × to spent 978 yuan of money to buy this to cover " healthy bath house " , the manual indicates manufacturer is " Nanhai healthy is industrial limited company " , shower room blocks what Shui Bing uses is high grade toughened glass, ability mount was used August last year, "Cannot think of to use 4 months to produce blowout, be too terrible really! Be too terrible really!!

Subsequently, more than young lady finds a supermarket to be in charge of the young lady of the sale at that time, but sale young lady says in the phone, the company is not had to toughened glass guarantee, did not get compensation. If want reshipment together, require new collection cost.

According to concerning expert introduction, the shower room of toughened glass produces dissilient possibility to be 5 ‰ , concern with the cold heat of weather. Still 3 kinds of circumstances may bring about toughened glass blowout: It is to use undeserved; 2 it is installation undeserved; 3 it is difference in temperature too big.

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