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"Real estate is new politics " to intelligence household industry brings new dev
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A few days ago, the country builds following to send an announcement, those who fulfil 7 ministries and commissions to come on stage jointly " the opinion that works about making price of very stable housing " each measure, specific measure carries out final time limit, formulary economy is applicable room, common at the same time residential house relative standard. Now, we will be analysed " real estate is new politics " after coming on stage, live in the influence of the industry to market of our country building materials and development business and intelligence.

One influence consumes an idea, increase intelligence to live in an industry to shed potential of current estate market. Be in " real estate is new politics " below the influence, the consumptive consciousness of one part dweller produces change, turn original house property investment likely the change that is pair of him former residence and transform on. In view of the expectation to house price fall after a rise, a lot of consumer arose to support city's wait-and-see attitude, and the estate business that responds to this one situation also is adopted mostly " cherish makes work " manner, before this also creates order, house price changes not big, bridal chamber trades the phenomenon that quantity mate glides. Below this kind of circumstance, the consumer with one higher to living in the life to ask share arises to invest house property translate into live in the idea that the life invests likely, decorate with what plan to be bought so that the capital of bridal chamber uses at higher to old house standards afresh originally with displacement, will change oneself surroundings through a kind of such means, this will naturally drive intelligence to live in an industry to sort the development of current job. Meanwhile, serve as what will develop a tendency henceforth " intelligence is lived in " the development of the industry welcomed new chance! No matter from environmental protection, energy-saving, beautiful, practical wait for all sorts of respects for, intelligent household will become old house to transform, the first selection that modern life needs contented people lives in a product.

What 2 existence market rebounds is likely, generation expects the market. "Revengeful sex is consumed " the blowout appearance that brings intelligence to live in industry line of business likely. Echo 2003 " SARS " , because a kind of force majeure created an industry appoint shrink. And when " SARS " afterwards, because demand gross does not have change, just be squelched below the action of outside force and keep within limits, once this kind affects subsidise, the market tends stable, this kind of demand will be released centrally. And below such market environment, the enterprise that can insist to come down can catch up with markets of such a bullish to develop a curve, the change that this says adequately also to understand the market is dynamic, accord with market economy rule.
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