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Open mode ambry enrols a person to love care and maintenance to have tricks of t
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Current, open mode kitchen more and more be favorred by the masses, make the development trend that Dongguan lives in. So, the environmental photograph that how allows ambry and him home is united in wedlock, become the good partner that lives in the life, this locality stylist also puts forward at 3 o'clock originality:

One of, make full use of space. Use the metope of the space of ground ark and condole ark, installation is put aside frame, can place alexipharmic ark microwave oven or install bottle of shelf, link up with, cup, condiment, scoop, ladle to wait, avoided them to hold ambry mesa so.

Secondly, stretch one's hand the convenience that can get. When the kitchen works, often a few article are taken at any time with. The limited space of small kitchen decided to be able to put these goods in cabinet interior only, take when using special trouble. Might as well use to solve even ark small go-cart this problem, install flat the stratosphere at small go-cart, do temporarily work station, gone pusher answers ark inside.

Thirdly, the space inside ark has big knowledge. If be a person with high aspirations and determination, after cabinet interior places article, meeting discovery can leave some of not big gap. Be aimed at the characteristic of small kitchen, stylist is on ambry door plank, hammer outfit link up with, hang lever, use pensile article. Still have partial home appliance, bao of the meal that be like report, microwave oven, oven, OK also inside park ambry.

Of open mode ambry maintain


Maintain piece

A. Should avoid to heat up crock of boiler, hot water to be contacted with ambry directly, best can park boiler is worn on.

B. Should avoid to use acerb article bunt mesa, door plank as far as possible in the operation, lest produce nick. No matter choose why to be planted mesa, should go up in chopping block food of the arrange that cut course, besides can avoid to leave knife mark besides, still can accomplish better clean sanitation.

C. The mesa with average qualitative capable person, have bleb and crack, if coloured liquid is permeated,become angry, because this answers,avoid dye or acquire hair agent on direct park mesa.

D. Of chemical material erode, qualitative to a lot of material for it is unallowed. For example, stainless steel mesa touchs salinity to rust likely, because this answers at ordinary times,the attention avoids to wait for soy bottle article to be put on mesa directly.

E. Man-made plank ambry should avoid seeper to stop for long to go up in mesa.

Clean piece

A. The ambry avoid by all means with man-made stone and stainless steel qualitative material uses horniness ball of 100 clean cloth, steel wire, chemical agent is wiped or steel is brushed grind wash, should use fur towel, soft 100 clean cloth takes water to brush or use brightening agent, can cause scratch otherwise or erode.
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