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3 kinds of ways are checked open to booking licence
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Southern net message is current, buy the home to be able to be passed the following 3 kinds of ways examine those who expand business to open to booking licence.
1, buy the home to be able to be in Guangzhou city at any time the website of institute of government of estate intermediary service ( inquire those who expand business to open to booking licence, particular way is: Input website address, click in the wrong lower part of page of this website home page next " Guangzhou city estate opens to booking card to inquire " one column, input a building next dish name or open to booking card number to be able to inquire, inquire content includes: Open to booking money of house of date of card of company of place of name of card number, project, project, development, hair, period of efficacy, carry out to accuse Zhang only date and remarks, remarks one column is clear mention expressly this building dish have mortgage. Every half month updates this data, when distributing news dispatches to the reporter, stop, the data on this website is the newest data May 25, 2003.

2, if inquire contracted number or guaranty remarks circumstance, also can dial inquiry of 16890099 information phone.

3, if buy the home to want to reach Guangzhou city personally,room canal bureau checks those who expand business to open to booking card, should bring neat owner Id and open to booking contracted number, if entrust other to be dealt with for you, should deal with to notarial place entrust notarization. Buy the home to be in namely signed after opening to booking bond, ability checks those who expand business to open to booking bond to room canal bureau.

Photograph of 3 kinds of ways is compared, before two kinds of methods are relatively convenient, buy what development trade had better investigate through afore-mentioned ways before the home buys a building to open to booking card, be at ease buy a house.

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