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Housing loan mortgages 10 big question to say reason
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Nowadays, the housing loan breed of the bank increasingly rich and colorful, common people buys the demand of the room to also grow day and day. But because financial product has very strong professional, consumer often is come up against in the choice, meeting when using such, in that way problem. After all the special requirement that service of what housing banking can satisfy him, what mortgage breed to suit his most most consumer can feel very bemused. To make you can skilled, use financial tool reasonably, we edited 10 most as close as your relation problems, the expert that asks subsidiary bank of Shanghai of industrial and commercial bank gives solve, hope these can aid your a helping hand.  

Loan of the application when   buys a house is economical  

  the answer of this problem is because of the person different, the key should see investment channel of the individual and investment level. A lot of citizens have sufficient financial capacity, can money of one-time paid and whole house, but they still choose housing to mortgage loan. Because, borrower already can have him capital uses as other investment project, want to be able to obtain the yield of interest rate of prep above loan only, it is economical. When you are buying a house, had better undertake measuring to oneself asset first, undertake calculating to expecting revenue and expenditure. Because a few citizens do not wish to assume interest expenses, do not want to be in debt, and oneself all savings are taken out along with all the others, one-time paid house money. When but treat building pay,be being used, want to apply for to borrow money to decorate new home or have other and big expenditure additionally again, undertake financing again at this moment very not be to one's profit. Because individual credit wants to assume term loan interest rate, its 10 years period loan interest rate is 6. 21 % . If borrower applies for individual housing to borrow money when buying a house, its  bay fact of  of know well Fan is circled to stop dust  to bite when  of a square-shaped fishing net with pole as supports of  of Mu of closely question longing day acts the role of  to carry  to carry  of blessing ィ  abundant of constant ィ  protects Bao Aoyun of  of  of  of hairpin of  of Ba Jiao  ⅲ of  of hawk of С of technetium  Jiu often! ? Br>
  at the same time, buying a house is a more sophisticated trade act, and borrow money through application, the bank can help borrower be made to real-estate project the abecedarian is investigated and examine, this buys room person for loan a estate business and the policy that estate mortgages close, law closes, reduced the risk of the person that buy a house.   

Which kind of   individuals   of lowest of interest rate of housing loan breed
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