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When buying a house, you spent money of how many injustice
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The person that buy a house must press loan specified amount when loan buys a house 3 millesimals pay mortgage a retaining fee, the lawyer that appoints by the bank is the person that buy a house to provide advisory service, solve the business problem that produces when mortgaging loan. But, the house is bought in particular loan in, the lawyer that this bank appoints offers those who buy a house to seek advice from a service about law for the client on name, just refer the legal opinion book of circumstance of client financial condition to the bank that appoints him actually, regard a bank as the reference of loan. The bank mortgages lawyer and client for what the client appoints actually nonexistent representative concerns, did not solve the obligation of the problem actively for the client, also do not assume specific responsibility, so, should mortgaging a lawyer is to be a bank to provide a service in fact.

If not be reporter investigation, dry what uses I think a lot of people do not know this mortgages a retaining fee after all, more those who do the lawyer that does not understand a bank to work why to want us to buy a house is factitious he buys sheet. This lets me remember see a findings several days ago, 50% above buy safe person to look not to know the clauses of that a few pages, just feel should problem of it doesn't matter is cast protected. Connection of these two things rises, let our feeling regard each as body, when facing the unit such as bank, insurance company, businessman, consumer is how helpless. And every time is both a difference that produces understanding to go up, the compensate that faces consumer pays appeal to beg, bank people the provision that always can take out consumer of that one pile to had signed, a rigorous, comprehensive explanation makes consumer thoroughly dizzy dish, bank people triumphal even willfully make a trouble of bitterly attack consumer. Former the conflict with latter, let us see the antagonism between a professional player and spare abecedarian, of its difference let a person cannot bear greatly witness. When can be we just done truly " sacred " ?

When when we need a service can somebody offers clear, fast be help and to let us face although is one pile rigorous but the article that reads not to understand however? When dare the businessman dig good trap for consumer in trade no longer? All these relies on healthy, orderly market competition not just, the market that should rely on perfect, justice more is regular. Market economy should grow, cannot be cost with sacrificial consumer rights and interests. More what is more,the rather that, up to now we also had not heard which kinds of regulation can be in after encroaching consumer rights and interests, still can make it protects the economy below to get developing.

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