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How does the individual apply for housing loan to assure
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■ what is individual housing loan assures?

1, " Beijing housing loan assures loan of central individual housing assures temporary measure " what saying individual housing loan assures is to show Beijing housing loan assures center (the following abbreviation assures center) buy housing to borrow money to offer those who assume joint liability to assure to assure to usurer for the individual. Individual housing loan assures abide by equal, freewill, fair, paid the principle with honest credence.

2, applicant of individual housing loan to assure the center applies for to offer housing loan to assure to assure, ought to oneself or the lawful building of the 3rd person and the other way that its land access mortgages or with assuring the center approves, lawfully to assure the center is offerred assure instead.

■ what person can apply for to assure? Charge how collection?

1, every individual buys from housing house application to borrow money in this city, usurer asks to offer those who assure to assure, loan average per capita is OK to assure the center applies for to offer assure to assure.

2, assure the center offers the range that assures to assure is the loan principal that usurer extends to borrower, accrual is mixed punish breath.

3, assure center to assure the applicant is offerred assure, assure applicant ought to to assure the center is handed in assure service fee. Assure those who serve cost hand in a standard to be carried out according to the regulation of Beijing prices management department.

■ does application assure what course should take?

1, assure applicant to assure the center puts forward written assure when application, ought to to assure does the center offer place to need to prove a file? Nbsp;

2, assure the center closes oneself neat assure of the applicant written assure after application and relevant proof file, classics examine and verify is made agree or do not agree to offer the rewrite that assure.

3, assure the center agrees with those who assure to offer, assure party ought to be signed assure to assure contract and assure instead contract. Assure instead the contract needs the classics go into effect that register, since the day that contract party ought to sign from the contract the formalities that register is dealt with to concerned branch inside 30 days. Among them, guaranty registers cost by assure central burden. Entrust assure when the center deals with the formalities that register, client ought to to assure the center signs written accredit to entrust.

4, assure the center asks to assuring content value undertakes assessment, turn over security to ought to arrive assure the capital fund that the center approves evaluates an orgnaization to undertake value is evaluated. Assure content value assesses fee by return security responsibility.
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