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Decorate busy season polished and a mind which perceives both past and future in
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Wanted to decorate, this can not be the business that seeks a company to be able to do appropriate casually. Although you are again lazy, the capital that believes you also won't be thrown with you is impassable, load a few companies for nothing " the person goes the building is empty " risk.

Then, the choice decorates a company normally to appear very important. If you ask is street " guerrilla " (namely the black home that we say is installed) if, then you are about to cry do not have a tear.

Accordingly, polished a pair " a mind which perceives both past and future " , appear very important.

Resemble such " 3 without " the price that although decorate,black home holds is low, but quality also can let you " complain of suffering again and again " .

Carry build up to install " guerrilla " , the person that believes a lot of wanting that decorate won't unfamiliar. "Guerrilla " , namely black home outfit, those who point to is not to have fixed office place, without business charter, do not have aptitude construction card " 3 without " construction group. Choose this to plant " 3 without " company, not only decorate quality, service not to have safeguard, from large part for, still can cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of many state revenue.

The home installs team polarization

The domestic outfit industry of Beijing is what to rapid development rises is in at the beginning of 90 time, begin to manage the home generally to fit a project with company form. After the company holds water, the team that is an organization with construction group so also moves toward " two class split up " : Through normal management, one part is in adornment company contract to do a job in order to distribute packet of form construction job, the normal government that accepts a firm and supervise. But still group of one part construction still begins so called professional work with guerrilla warfare form, ぐ of こ of protruding of regular perhaps corporation enlighten mallet of  of eat of  of Ru Zhuang sole does Shan Suan delay brag does Yi An swim easy dam of  of  of  of copy of archives of K of spruce Yi Jian of fade of Liang  book does Ju imprint? Nbsp;

Fluky psychology sustains losses in business much

Although know " guerrilla " not be good offend, but a lot of people or heart put fluky, live in east Ms. Han of straight door holds this kind of fluky mentality namely at first, the quality of group of a construction that she saw neighbour home choose is good still, compare with regular corporation, actually little many 3000 money, selected group of construction of this father and son then. Result price is low, but used data also called a discount, decorated this level, in your heart comfortable still? Without the contract, without the agreement, a fall out does not know a person, to where you can be found out?
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