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Secondhand room " hairdressing " hire a good value to hire new clothes to repair
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"So I think can hire on 500 yuan with respect to content with one's lot, but intermediary says a room a little ' change change ' can hire 229 yuan more. " on January 17, mr Wang that lives in peaceful area prepares to rent discover when his cell: Look be like year to hold out quite long, broken house, if listen to intermediary slightly " hairdressing " , can hire a better price actually.

   Carry the cell that decorate most suffer bestow favor on

Should ask what kind of now secondhand is the room the most welcome? It is cell of course, and the house that be decorated simply or still had better be being taken is simple home appliance. The reporter visited iron that day on the west, the company of a few intermediary of peace, Shen He, those who get is same an answer.

"Think rental room? Is much bedding face accumulated? Belt do not take decorate? Want how to many money hire? " elect iron the area admires on the west powdery area the door of an intermediary orgnaization, owner threw a chain of question to the reporter hastily. Had not waited for reporter answer, he tells a reporter: "If the cell of 339 square metre, one walks along. One walks along..

This owner expresses, the hiemal is building hack truly off-season. But even if off-season, the cell with not large area is euqally welcome also, and a bit of hack price peak period prepping according to did not fall, before chummage should compare half an year generally, went up nearly 100 yuan.

   Secondhand room " hairdressing " hire a good value

"How can you hire bit of money more? " the chief uncannily of an intermediary says peaceful division: "That is easy, should see you agree not to agree to give a point nevertheless ' blood ' . " what here says " haemorrhage " it is to point to a flower a few what money lets look dim and blank is secondhand the room becomes brand-new " bridal chamber " , such good with respect to on can easy to do land rent one values, and the price should compare tower above of normal and rental price 1/3 or it is 1/2 left and right sides.

Normally house-owner can select a few prices cheaper, it is quality even poorer building materials will decorate old house. Simple shakedown compound floor, blow blow become known, brush a paint of what, project cost also thousands of yuan, won't exceed 10 thousand yuan at most, can call in or so years largely cost.

   Live " Yi Rong room " but add caution

The reporter coulds there be in peaceful area a youth that an intermediary company sees wave road rent a house. He expresses, it is good that when choosing a room so, besides the consideration the ground nods close from the company, heating beyond, also hold out those who see reshipment repair. Can hire a house to be duped last. Former house-owner just was over house outfit to hire him, after as a result he goes in, odour is particularly big, and the floor did not have a few days to rouse a bag, the almirah in house used two months to also come loose frame. Touch on such house, his carelessly lived 3 months, say whats were hired no longer.
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