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Hire room attention: 9 kinds of houses are again cheap also cannot hire
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Change as market environment, many urban house sales volume reduce the near future, the business that rent is more and more prosperous. Building intermediary " I love my home " the expert admonishs the person that rent a house, to renting the room should be discriminated carefully, 9 kinds of buildings cannot be hired stoutly.

It is did not acquire building property lawfully the building of card. Droit card is to the building exercise is had, use, the only of accrual and punish right is lawful proof. Without droit card, the rights and interests of tenant cannot get safeguard.

2 it is the building that is waited to ruling, decision closes down or limit the right with other form lawfully by mechanism of court, public security. The rights and interests of this kind of building already or will be restricted, tenant cannot get legal protection.

3 it is to did not obtain mutual person to agree with hack to share a house. This kind of building can encroach the rights and interests of mutual to agreeing with hack person.

4 it is authority belongs to open to question building. Property right is unidentified the lawful sex that can bring about a building gets ensuring hard.

5 it is building of violate the rules and regulations. Procedures of program of construction of this kind of building is not neat, may be executed the law at any time supervise.

6 it is the building that does not accord with safe level. This kind of building can affect the life safety of tenant for certain.

7 it is without hypothec the person agrees with hack guaranty room. The hypothec person of this kind of building has him to this kinds of building a right, if should be rented,must ask for those who get hypothec person to agree.

8 it is the building that does not accord with the branch such as public security, environmental protection, sanitation to concern a provision.

9 it is about law, code the regulation prohibits hack is other the building of case.

In addition, the citizen is in after leasing lawful building, should register immediately to room canal branch put on record, use statute protects him.

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