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Section hind hires room demand to grow 50% to hire a room to sign about 5 attent
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As the end of Spring Festival holiday, the busy season of the capital market that rent also shows clue first. According to " catenary home is landed " statistical data analysis, first 5 to first 7 these 3 days, before the client that rent registers source of quantity, room to register a quantity to all compare a red-letter day 3 days all rose 50% above, in festal later period, the clue of the busy season that rent already began to show. Return a city as what student of around of festival of lanterns flows, predict to the height is rented after the bottom will receive a red-letter day in Feburary. To these section hind is pressing the consumer that rents a house, "Catenary home is landed " center of market research and development from ensure the safety that rent, how to hire autograph of the house save money, contract that rent to make an appointment with detail to wait for 3 big fields, summed up the note in the process that rent a house for consumer, the hope can provide a help for consumer. It is the autograph that rent a house below when making an appointment with, cannot 5 unwary respects.

   One, everything with written to allow, verbal commitment regards as invalid

The building is rented look be like simple, but whole process is compared actually trival; After affirming house property is safe, later period whether live cozily to set one's mind at, the key is signed with respect to what depend on the contract that rent. A few landlord are behaved very patiently during seeing a room with enthusiasm, and glibly promises all of furniture home appliance to match neat assure to use; A lot of tenement are in when signing a contract, by the enthusiastic place of landlord paralytic, did not keep the verbal commitment of landlord into the contract; After the contract is signed, landlord often is insisted readily, it is with signed contract accurate, before admitting nonperformance of verbal commitment a variety of, right now tenement also can eat be unable to speak out about one's grievances only. Here, "Catenary home is landed " tenement of proposal of center of market research and development, when signing a contract, must be relevant item as far as possible in the contract come out now with written formal substance, any verbal commitment all regard as invalid.

   2, clear chummage and water and electricity are gas the disbursement of cost the forehead is spent, means, time

The charge that rents a house includes chummage, water and electricity commonly gas wait for charge; Agree when signing a contract of these charge pay the forehead to spend, means, time, particularly crucial; At present the terms of payment of chummage has sign one Fu Yinian, detain pays 2 Fu San, detain third class way, use more general, the way that owner and client approve relatively is detain pays 3. Additional, tenement is returned should with landlord or the disbursement of cost of cable television of broker company agreement, bail the forehead is spent and terms of payment, the water and electricity of the generation when certain later period is used is gas the pay kind of charge and time, obtain electric card, water card to wait pay a voucher, lest later period is used,appear troublesome.
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