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The market of the building after the Spring Festival grows a holiday that rent w
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"Former building is retreated, when was hired on Feburary 11 again, discover however had been hired to go out by landlord. " Cong Dezhou comes the Xiaoguo that blueness works tells a reporter, his in succession in lucky prosperous road intermediary of a few buildings did not find appropriate room, feel the tower above before the price compares the Spring Festival is controlled 100 yuan.

The reporter understands from company of intermediary of many house property inside the urban district, after the Spring Festival grows a holiday to pass, increase sharply of staff of work of ab extra Wu, the person that rent a house became much rise, and room source is more nervous however, the building rents the market to warm up gradually, the chummage rocket inside the urban district reachs 200 yuan 100 yuan.

The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, of room source insecurity basically is a few in small family, and large family house bright somebody make inquires. A staff member of Ma elegant building says, beg the person that hire to enquire 2 rooms the comparison of one hall is some more, and the house of this kind of type is most popular, room source is least, according to a section of a highway different rise in price 100 ~ 200 yuan. "Before the Spring Festival a few landlord have explain, if lease gives the building before the section, according to cost price, if go to house lease again after the section, be about to be in on 100 ~ are added formerly on the foundation of the price 200 yuan. " he says.

The reporter discovers in investigation, the person that some rent a house arrives to be hired as soon as possible house, it is consign chummage only, and do not go dealing with sign the necessary formalities such as the agreement that rent a house, the likelihood played hidden trouble to produce the dispute that rent to bury later. Accordingly, broad beg the person that hire to want when renting a house discreet.

Peninsula Metropolis Daily on Feburary 16 Sun Zheng of dispatch reporter Xu Jifeng's trainee

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