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A sector of an area of 3 big heat hires periphery of competition ground of Lu Ao
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After the Spring Festival passes, insular city rents the market to be started ahead of schedule, and warm up quickly. The market of city of island of in former years that rent wants the first month of the lunar year 15 hind just start gradually, shifted to an earlier date full this year a week. This basically is the effect that suffers southern soup, prepare originally after the Spring Festival " south below " work gens, choose in advance to be versed in with respect to latter blueness Wu, in addition, the member that the part does not have the worker of ab extra Wu that returns country because of southern soup before New Year, the Spring Festival just passed, begin to begin to seek new room source. However, as a result of partial south Wu is versed in personnel suffers weather influence to return countryside to did not return, the rate that return a house is low, add rent the market to start this year earlier, the room source quantity that register is accordingly less, room source demands exceeds supply, bring about house of town of near future island to rent market price case to go up somewhat raise. Among them, having near future of 3 heat a sector of an area was to appear more the appearance that one house requests hard.

Dalian road is circumjacent

Dalian road periphery rents the market to suffer the effect that tear open change, appeared the appearance that one house requests hard.

The crowd that rent basically is given priority to with tearing open change door. The purpose that this kind of client rents a house basically is to will make a round trip change transfers, purpose sex is stronger, limits is lesser, choose a sector of an area to be given priority to in order to tear open periphery of change a sector of an area, more comfortable to the quality requirement of the building.

Door model respect, many choice covers the person that rent to be in with the area a 2 rooms under 70 square metre. But, as a result of source of this kind of room all the time since the heat that is the market, room source supply is less, because this rents the price to follow,go with respect to city, the phenomenon that the near future also appeared to promote considerably. If periphery of road of the Dalian before the section covers the residence of 2 hall, hire is in 1200 yuan / month, and near future hire goes up 1400 yuan / month, go up achieve 20% above. Cover the residence of one, it is popular heat room cause more, although the price compares a 2 rooms slightly low, but often appear however many clients contend for the phenomenon that rents one ring house.

People road is circumjacent

The market of near future of people road periphery that rent clinchs a deal active. There basically are two groups in what this a sector of an area rents a house: It is to come the undergraduate that Qingdao applies for a job, they are willing mostly in the price that rent all directions area with inferior cost of convenient, life hires opposite petty gain, liaison man the house lives; Because people road is insular city is famous " Electromechanical a street " , manage here 90% it is foreigner, the staff of nonlocal Wu work that hires because of this nearby is become another hire room group greatly.
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