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Busy season of advent of the height that rent hires a room to learn " flexible c
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Be in as large quantities of other places the labour of black attend school, Wu, public figure that be in business is overall " regression " , qingdao the renting height this year comes already formally. With what differ before be, this year the renting market of Qingdao besides traditional clientele, olympic Games tourist will become the newly emerging force that has driving demand, nonlocal tourist is booked ahead of schedule those who hire room and owner to appear to make Olympic Games landlord is short hire, do not hire a phenomenon to make demand and hire crewel " wave red " . Accordingly, as common hire a guest to tell, the variable that busy season rents a house this year wants relative to in former years big a lot of, for this, we invite 22 centuries Wang Wenxiang of praedial intermediary general manager gives broad beg the person that hire to talk " flexible classics " .

Flexible place: Seek far and neglect what lies close at hand head calm traffic

The client is in beg in hiring a process, the place is first selection element. Most person asks to choose to be apart from his the room source with closer unit of study, job. But, in the busy season that rent, these area may appear room source is rare be short of, building quality short of asks or hire exceeds the change of the respect such as predicting limits, cannot find ideal room source consequently.

Flexible proposal: Beg the person that hire to be able to change train of thought, choose to rent a house around suitable traffic line as far as possible, basically contented need not back a car to be able to arrive at oneself near unit of study, job. Besides the distance of spot of care and study, office, beg the person that hire to still should notice the room source around large free market of agricultural products or supermarket, the convenient degree on the life also is the problem that nots allow to ignore.

Flexible door: Abandon choose 2 safety to attach most importance to

One-room flat is compared with sexual price moderately with its peculiar illicit close sex, easy, got broad rent a settle or live in a strange place chase after hold in both hands. But in the busy season that rent, one-room flat is same because its amount is limited, became " rare be short of article " . Common saying says, "Content with rare for expensive " , still beg the person that hire to want to learn flexible in what pursue hard so, "When should letting go, let go " , hire small 2 house or choice close hire became " special " the sensible choice of period.

Flexible proposal: Really, more and more now importune begging that what the person that hire abandoned pair of one-room flat, turn and seek two rooms actively one hall closes rent a house, will can partake taller and taller hire, 2 coming also is to more friend is made in new city, majority added up to the person that hire to form harmonious new-style neighborhood concern. Seek the proof that adds up to the effective certificate that hires companionate need to notice to check the other side and unit to issue, so that assure the safety of oneself, ensure no risk at all.
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