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Hire Fang Yi job: Acknowledgment " live together " schoolgirl
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To cooperate the working arrangement of the company, my village around the unit rented suite. Astute landlord a 2 rooms the house of one hall rented two apart, the sitting room is public section, although be decorated very palletly, but the idea that still can see host. I can't help wanting, neighbour is a girl in the benefit outside show certainly. But, female neighbour ases if however the world evaporates kind, had never appeared before me. Such feeling is a bit strange, as if the clue of type talking about fast, let me feel curious impatient, want to see the truth of sth. of female neighbour very much. But I did not achieve what one wishes. Actually, the reason that creates this kind of situation is very simple, I and the time that female neighbour works are abhorrent. Go out before my dinner, late night two just came back at 3 o'clock, the face that female neighbour is a model however 9 evening 5 mode. When I go out, she did not come back, when coming back, she already was however in sleep.

Although did not meet with female neighbour, my habits and customs begins a change however, dress begins to pay attention to collocation and grade, still used expensive man perfume. Before going out everyday, I can smile to the mirror, taking good intention affection to begin his work next. I am imagining the hour that oneself and female neighbour meet, the hope can leave a good impression to her. But, of I and female neighbour meet to did not come as scheduled. One day, I couldn't help eventually, leave a piece of scrip on tea table, "Neighbour young lady: Hello, move 3 weeks to did not see a face, I come back ahead of schedule today, the hope can make a call with you. " did not think of, I go to work, immediately " wind and cloud is choppy " , I am arranged temporarily the other place works, and should set out instantly.

And I and female neighbour " live together " a month, also did not see a face finally, become forever regret. Nevertheless, I still want to say to female neighbour: "I thank you sincerely! Although do not have a predestined relationship to meet, but the motive force that you brought me living joy, life and job, I am met forever engrave. I am met forever engrave..

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