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For landlord people raise action: These rooms why " social status " tall
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Weather warms gradually, insular city rented the market to also greet young busy season. Although rent market hasten heat, but because every flatlet source is individual difference is different, can not make sure every flatlet source can get coequal and rich and generous hire get one's own back. Same village is same door model house, its hire appears possibly also bigger difference. So, how to combine the characteristic of different house source, develop the advantage resource of the house adequately, take the advantage of busy season to hire a good value? We ask the personage inside course of study to be landlord under people action.

Large family sublease " gain both honor and money "

Case: Lady of the Qin Dynasty has a 90 square metre to take the room of attic in Jin Huayuan of all directions area, begin, because lady of the Qin Dynasty feels sublease compares a trouble, pass plus upstairs and downstair gross area big, the family like unwell syncretic is hired, accordingly, year ago 3 many months, the building is empty all the time buy. Lady of anxious the Qin Dynasty falls chummage again, house still unmanned make inquires. After the Spring Festival, lady of the Qin Dynasty changed the strategy that rent a house, gave 3 tenant house sublease: Hired the undergraduate of two strong finish school downstairs, hire every 650 yuan / month, attic hired a pair of young husband and wife, hire 900 yuan / month, the hire after sublease is hired than rectifying nearly 600 yuan taller / month.

Expert proposal: Wang Wenxiang of praedial intermediary general manager introduces 22 centuries, as the market that rent hot, many owner its unused house property is pushed to the market that rent. Look from the renting circumstance of insular town near future, the small family heat that remains the market that rent, this specification market is right small family rigid demand is bigger still, although a lot of landlord feel sublease management is troublesome, but because of large family model market demand proportion is small, the loss that because this sublease can reduce building sky not only,buy period brings, and sublease gains is broad hire at rectifying. Can say, of the advisability that large family sublease is kill two birds with one stone lift.

Live legally change business to gain profit quite abundant

Case: The house of 50 much square metre belongs to the lady of the Song Dynasty of road of Lai overgrown with weeds business lives amphibious room, be in because of the house first floor, add draw near driveway, after the daughter attends a college to the other place, she mixes the hall of street of front door edge balcony get through, 20 square metre with 15 thousand yuan year hired some estate intermediary. This hire price upstairs is equivalent to his complete set residence is close hire of a year.

Expert proposal: Xu Shuangshuang of manager of praedial market department tells 22 centuries the reporter, the business that is located in mart of old the city zone or urban CBD lives amphibious house property (house property card makes clear business to use) , the house is become all the time before be like, below the premise that allows in policy, will " live transform business " , also can house property lease higher price. Of course, landlord should be in ask for neighbour and village course of study appoint can allow (not faze civilian) below the circumstance, to registration book of branch of Wu of industrial and commercial, duty, reasonable use, if must not be hired,give those who be engaged in the influence dweller such as meal, recreation living daily to manage mobile client.
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