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Shaoxing City in the second batch of applications for today low-cost housing
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Reporter learned yesterday from Shaoxing construction sector, starting today, Shaoxing City streets 7 and 3 towns (East Lake, Gaobu, Jianhu) will also be accepted this year's second batch of applications for registration of low-rent housing guarantee. This reporter learned that, in the first half of Shaoxing City, the first low-cost housing applications, through field surveys, data verification and publicity, 24 families were included in the scope of protection. Among them, four families were Shiwupeizu, 20 Family rental housing subsidies received. The application for protection of low-rent housing conditions remain unchanged with the first half, there are: a minimum living relief law, issued by civil affairs departments have been receiving "assistance for needy families in Shaoxing City card" ( Guaranteeing the edge of households) or "Save card Shaoxing needy families (poverty caused by households)," recognized by the Home department minimum standard below 300% of urban non-agricultural income families, and the per capita housing area of 12 square meters and so on. Families who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the report comes with low or difficult to ensure that aid certificate (guaranteeing the edge of households, poverty caused by households) or low-income families in Shaoxing City accreditation application forms and related materials, ID cards, housing conditions Proofs, booklets and other relevant information, to the residence location of the streets (town) office to apply for registration. Registration of the application processing will continue until Nov. 20 (except holidays). According to reports, Shaoxing City, who meet the conditions of low-rent housing and the head of the household apply for reporting housing problems, the housing security issues will all be resolved, so that "as the cities." The availability and the Shiwupeizu Like the first half, also located in New Paojiang.
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