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Jinan is about to start the two low-rent housing 3,500 residential suites for
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To make housing security, the provincial capital in eastern areas and the District Court Xin Yu Xiaoqing Xiaoqing new home near the low-rent housing project is in operation, pre-procedure has been concluded as to justify going to start. Plus two under construction, built with low-rent housing projects and a project, all projects completed, it can provide housing to low-income families more than 3,500 units. Jinan City Housing Authority housing security and housing security at the responsible person, in the low-cost housing construction on two projects currently under construction, including new homes Tiancheng, Baliqiao new home. 2 projects to be built, the provincial capital east of the Yu Xin Yuan Xiaoqing River area and near the Qinghe new homes. Construction projects with the Chinese Century City (Forum News). Zhu Dehao low-rent tenants to make the next step will improve the management of low-rent district residents. Concentrate on building low-rent housing in the district column added convenience services, convenience services, boxes and other facilities, public service personnel, maintenance of telephone, services and other matters; establish community patrol personnel on duty 24 hours security system. "Low-rent housing since 2007 to now, the protection of the most disadvantaged groups have been stable, the next step will focus on creating public rental." Housing security at the responsible person, a few days ago, Patio new homes, new homes Wen Zhuang, Agile Garden (Forum News), Longquan Garden, Agile and Lotte clear ranking of 6 public rental housing projects have been launched, with a total construction area of nearly 140 million square meters, total investment of 5.6 billion. Completed, will provide 23,000 units of public rental housing. The official said that in the future may no longer be on the low-rent housing in Jinan separate dicing, but the implementation of the merger of the two, "a building can exist low-cost housing and public rental," and this can limit use of the advantages of greater resources, location advantage, transportation, and other resources necessary to maximize the use.
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