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Does international heat up money dimensions after all how old? Opinions vary qua
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A few days ago, courtyard of Chinese company division a when issue " the hot money dimensions that will 5 years flow into China is 1.75 trillion dollar about " the report caused a mighty uproar. Media reported recently, bureau of national foreign currency points out about chief, "1.75 trillion dollar heats up money " algorithmic mistake, money of domestic nonexistent heat. To this, foreign currency bureau is clear however yesterday: On July 14 " chief of bureau of national exchange control says China and exist without hot money " do not represent point of view of foreign currency bureau. This aroused inside and outside of course of study to be opposite again undoubtedly " geometry of hot money dimensions " judge and guess.

Algorithmic: "Multifarious "

It is reported, the estimation of the hot money dimensions that at present convection enters our country has two kinds of methods commonly: It is " mistake and omit " law, 2 it is incomplete wrong way. Former it is the watch of balance of balance of payments that weaves foreign currency bureau directly is medium " mistake and omit " the data of the project calculates hot money, latter is to use foreign exchange reserve to increase a quantity to subtract favorable balance of trade subtracts the foreign trader invests to be flowed into completely directly again, reach hot money is numeric.

To this, hao Daming of galactic negotiable securities thinks, these two kinds of methods are estimated big, reliability needs subjective sex part, the difference that creates result of two kinds of estimation is big, very inaccessible consistent. Correct algorithm is: The basis flows into the analysis of channel to heating up money, combine foreign trade statistic, flow into the hot money dimensions of our country through commerce channel certainly; Computation of gather into one of fixed assets investment occupies bureau of combinative state statistic, flow into the hot money dimensions of our country through investing channel directly certainly; Combine statistic of external debt of bureau of national foreign currency, flow into the hot money dimensions of our country through external debt channel certainly; Next the basis is imperscriptible often change the growth trend with yield, calculate the hot money dimensions that flows into our country with yield channel through often be being transferred.

Guangdong saves Li Youhuan of assistant director of institute of economy of industry of company division courtyard to point out, hot money dimensions has after all how old, calculate what the method reachs differently to calculate data to differ. A lot of orgnaizations are right the research dimensions data of hot money is very specific, can arrive accurately a few, actually, hot money undertakes the standard is calculated impossibly.

Dimensions: "Great difference "
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