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Chen Huai: Forecast house price not to rely on chart to be equivalent to magicia
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Estate market has his inherent trade the rule, what the government pays close attention to is safeguard of housing of low income group

Wonderful ana: "To house price forecast be equivalent to magician of all corners of the country selling false medicine not to rely on chart, also resemble ' should make a target with who next ' expect hard euqally calm " -- Chen Huai

A few days ago, be in 2008 China (Chengdu) on forum of estate development height, chen Huai of housing and director of research center of policy of department of urban and rural construction, noted economist expresses, the government won't go to estate market policy, adamantine provide safeguard for housing of low income crowd, will be opposite before the end of the year this year crowd of difficulty of housing of prefectural above city " should protect protect " . Go as to house price situation, chen Huai says, he " never forecast house price to go situation " , forecast house price to sell false medicine to do not have chart euqally like magician of all corners of the country.

Last weekend, sponsor by government of the Chengdu City, bureau of canal of room of the Chengdu City undertakes " 2008 China (Chengdu) forum of estate development height " , attracted big wrist of numerous and noted economist and landed bound, feng Lun of 10 thousand Yu Liang of president of Ren Zhijiang of president of real estate of initiate president Liu Xiaoguang, Hua Yuan, 10 thousand divisions, landed president (guest of rich of Feng logical sequence, news of Feng logical sequence, feng Lun says) , the person all such as Xia Haijun of president of constant big real estate is present.

Suffer 5.12 short of Wenshui River plain seismic influence, the industry such as Sichuan estate, travel is inflicted heavy losses on. Can go up that day, honored guest be attendinged the meeting mentions a maximum term is " confidence " . "There still is which city on the world because of the earthquake be on the wane, los angeles is done not have, Osaka is done not have, chengdu does not have reason to lose confidence more. " Chen Huai says, government of the Chengdu City came on stage quickly after shake to urge 10 measure that estate invests, chengdu real estate still is well worth doing.

On the meeting, famous organizer Wang Zhigang raised two questions to Chen Huai: How can Chinese estate future develop? Does house price rise to still have how old space? Chen Huai answers: The housing safeguard that has made low income group still is the job with the mainest government, 3 ministries and commissions are affirmatory already the bottom is difficult to prefectural above city 2008 crowd housing problem " should protect protect " ; Water of ground of energy-saving, section, section is construction industry the theme henceforth; Build how many house after all, depend on the stability of short-term countryman economy moves, include the venture of financial industry. Additional, prospective real estate is obedient at letting common people " have produce " one of targets of this comprehensive and comparatively well-off society, encourage common people to have belongings sex income, in the past " jump over revolution thoroughly more, poorer Yue Guangrong " already made the history.
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