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Liu Xiang enters into an election contest during the Olympic Games hopeful of IO
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Get on opening Beijing Olympic Games, liu Xiang should be in " bird's nest " advocate the challenge that meets the formidable adversary such as Luo Baisi, Telameier. But they still are not Liu Xiang is in this burning hot the only opponent in August.

International Olympic committee (IOC) government website announced recently, during Beijing Olympic Games, committee of athlete of international Olympic committee will elect 4 new committee members, promote to a high office its automatically for committee member of international Olympic committee. Year only Liu Xiang of 25 years old is one of 30 candidate, this once be elected, he will keep abreast of in IOC with He Zhenliang, Yu Zaiqing, become the chinese mainland that is elected as committee member of international Olympic committee with athlete identity the first person.

- delicate · time

Announce to enter into an election contest before Liu Xiang final result

Look from the time of this second election, very it's hard to say is advantageous to Liu Xiang. According to the regulation of IOC, voting activity will be in city of 7 competion area undertakes the Olympic Games. The voting time of Beijing is arrived early on August 5 at 9 o'clock late on August 19 at 9 o'clock, election center will be shut at 2 o'clock afternoon on August 20; The voting time with Qingdao competion area is Hong Kong to arrived at 1 o'clock on August 5 afternoon on August 11 in the evening at 9 o'clock; The voting time of insular competion area is Tianjin and emperor of the Qin Dynasty to arrived 6 days on August 5; The voting time with Shanghai competion area is Shenyang to arrived 8 days on August 7.

And polled at 9 o'clock late on August 19 before ending, liu Xiang's match enters the 2nd gun merely, did not begin even semifinals, win enough person energy of life very hard consequently. Contrary, those await the person that choose in what gold wins in the contest that has ended, can borrow this to obtain many supportive bank notes however.

Interesting is, on August 21 afternoon at 2 o'clock, committee member of Olympic committee of election committee chairman, international, American Ms. Anida Defulangci will be in Beijing Olympic Games village announces a result. The Liu Xiang of final of 110 meters of column will attend after a few hours, do not know whether hear a good news.

- the person that · of double blade sword polls

Vote uses English form

International Olympic committee is right campaign member the candidate of committee has index of a rigid, no matter perhaps retire in battle, must attend a current perhaps Olympic Games, do not have in order to assure new committee members long scanty battle blast, athlete increase can be represented on the oldest rate.

And voter respect, must be the athlete that attends current Olympic Games. Reporter of the official that follow a line, media is unqualified. The character of place of catchphrase of elect by ballot that is like current athlete committee: US of   of OF of   of THE   BEST.
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