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Hong Kong: Of the patriotic sail east since beat of Olympic Games wind bead glar
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On sweet river, beat of Olympic Games wind has patriotic sail.

Bend affection welcomes fire of Olympic Games emperor, admire assist run horsemanship race... the Hong Kong that returns to the motherland 11 years embraces Beijing Olympic Games ardently, with the attitude of master, with the feelings of a newborn baby.

Beijing Olympic Games can be witnessed, although Hong Kong has had 150 old flesh and blood to depart with the motherland, but the hematic arteries and veins of the Chinese nation is linked together from beginning to end. "Oriental bead " in the ray of bright, the most dazzing colour is forever " China is red " .

Love the motherland, support does an Olympic Games

On May 2, fire of Olympic Games emperor arrives at Hong Kong, ignited patriotic enthusiasm of the Hongkong's person. High official distinguished personages is neat appear personally, act art star general mobilization, holy fire takes dragon boat in Hong Kong, cross courser, millions of people is chased after hold in both hands, infinite and honorable.

Sweet river boiled, initiative the citizen that is on street to send oily cheer of increase by degrees for holy fire exceeds 1 million. People makes an appointment to put on imprint have " I love China " " China is cheered " " supportive Olympic Games " the gules compensate unlined upper garment of model of written characters, some still is sticking bright red ensign paster on the face, halloo ceaselessly catchword of supportive Beijing Olympic Games, brandish the Five-Star Red Flag and Chinese redbud spend division division... the torch of 26 kilometers delivers a line, winding give a fiery megalosaurus.

Closure is delivered to go up in torch, tang Ying of director of department of government affairs of government of Hong Kong special zone year greatly feeling ground says: "Thank broad citizen to leave this to invigorate the one act of popular feeling for Hong Kong, this day will become the collective memory of Hong Kong happiness. This day will become the collective memory of Hong Kong happiness..

Run race of horsemanship of good Beijing Olympic Games, it is the wish with Hong Kong collective all circles. Having the Hong Kong of history of long horse race, for assist run race of horsemanship of a Gao Shuiping, distinctive, denounce endowment 1.2 billion HK dollar, build and perfected site of race of horsemanship of sanded cropland Olympic Games and Pisces river cross-country steeplechase field, had done rigorous and meticulously assist each work that does the race, make with all one's strength " Ma Yunzhi " .

"I think, the Hongkong's person supports assist the enthusiasm that runs race of Olympic Games horsemanship, not be to stem from utilitarian purpose, stem from patriotic heart however. " Wang Jiaying of assistant director of institute of Asia-Pacific of Hong Kong of university of Hong Kong Chinese says, "Arrive from all circles of special zone government, society each citizens, think to be able to make the glory that contribution is Hong Kong for Beijing Olympic Games, it is the glory of person of each Hong Kong. It is the glory of person of each Hong Kong..
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