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What is the group buys a house " bane " however last straw
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Well-known, the house market of at present home is bad, can want somebody to agree to buy a house with great quantity really, development business still does not have the tip of the brow on be pregnant however.

According to the report, up to yesterday, shenzhen " 10 thousand people buy room group " number signing up already was broken through 20 thousand, and this hope relies on tactics of sea of faces to let the defeat below house price 1 hit oneself to the 2 groups buying a house that lose be born a board brick that did not endure public figure of real estate group less, what " ego is acclaimed " , " one's own wishful thinking " , " successful rate is low " , " have break the law disrelish " .

The citizen buys room group to be looked to decline, governmental group bought a room to did not escape to be gesticulated likewise, the message says yesterday " Chongqing municipal government will guide 10 billion yuan of capital to enter building town, what buy market to go up in great quantities with the 89 values that lose is medium low commodity house is used at tearing open change door to find a place for " . The result has development business to be opposite this sniff, thinking such group is bought is the blow of prices of pair of building city whole, and " box-office bane " difference does not leave.

There is the travel of ask a price of all over the sky already on this world, how can you block on the spot to return Qian Zhiju? No matter the group buys the principal part of the room,be government or citizen, no matter the group is bought,be to stem from what motive (citizen for from height material benefit, the government is stabilized for the market) , the large order that such skies fall down is building city's real interest good news. Want to know, although the rate of success of the group that buy a house of 20 thousand people is low,arrive to have 1/10 only, the sales volume of 2000 commodity house also can with Shenzhen skill room clinchs a deal last month quantity photograph compare. And with every square metre 3000 yuan are calculated, one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of capital of Chongqing government can buy commodity house 3 million square metre, be equivalent to the 1/6 that Chongqing commodity house sold gross area last year. Measure to clinching a deal considerably atrophic, for the building town with an anxious bleak cloud, the group is bought should delimit absolutely " help city " behavior inside go.

Round of course buy " help city " call all the time with estate business " help city " have certain space, it is to want to ask with market action house price is direct shrink 10%-20% , but with what each district emerges in endlessly now " buy a room to send decorate " , " buy a room to send a car " , " buy a house 0 pay " , " return a house without reason " photograph comparing, such discount is not startling, do not calculate even on copy a copy. Buy with the group it is certain to let housing value degree regression is rational, it is to give a plan to do " the pig is firm " a step leaves the development business that opens forcedly, alleviate the wait-and-see air with stronger and stronger market.
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