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China of match of track and field of Beijing Olympic Games " flying person " Liu
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Track and field is the project with maximum number of Olympic Games gold, 47 gold produce in admiral of Beijing Olympic Games. If according to before habit, people may pay close attention to a man 100 meters who will run into 9 seconds 80, but go up in Beijing Olympic Games, liu Xiang will be the most fetching the focus of attention.

Liu Xiang: The hope of a nation

Liu Xiang is the man track man that Chinese history wins Olympic Games gold the first times, be in China, should mention only " Liu Xiang " this name, really unmanned not dawn. Accordingly, liu Xiang is China's famousest athlete undoubtedly, want the place that he appears only, can attract overall view, make a central point. The Liu Xiang that is Shanghai book of 25 years old ever was in the man was obtained on Athenian Olympic Games 2004 gold of 110 meters of column, but after this summer his world record is adapted by Cuba person Luo Baisi, liu Xiang whether crown is defended on Beijing Olympic Games and refresh record suffers fully fix eyes upon.

The man is contended for 100 meters intense

Man 100 meters of matches, it is the speed in match of track and field the fastest, the project with most intense also competition, the Guy of the Boerte of Jamaica and Bao power Er and United States is this project seize gold popular. In them, who can win out finally in contend for hegemony of a large number of heroes, also make a person expect.

Woman project nova gets attention

In woman respect, kenya player Pameilapameila of 18 years old - outstanding in Mo Bei gets attention. Although she played 800 meters game a few times only, but she already created 5 7 the quickest success are medium this year, and her achievement is this project nearly 11 years best.

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