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Guo brilliant brilliant prepares for war Zhou Jigong of belt sufficient chocolat
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Just returned Beijing from Jinan the day before yesterday, guo brilliant brilliant followed yesterday greater part team heads for Olympic Games village. Every athlete carried a boot, inner tube of case of Guo brilliant brilliant what? This need not reload is convenient face and pepper sauce: "Bore chocolate, in British match when have sufficient. " Guo brilliant brilliant laughed yesterday say, "Drill very painstakingly really in Jinan, everything went now, I can choose the Olympic Games only go enjoying. I can choose the Olympic Games only go enjoying..

Special correpondent Lv Riming

Appear, this is Guo brilliant brilliant attends the Olympic Games the 4th times. This with what differ before be, now is to be in Beijing, and before is to be in abroad. "The biggest different, it is the side that taking. " Guo brilliant brilliant ever said, "The have thing that I like a foreigner to do not quite, because the flavour of their dish is too strange, I prefer to have sapid thing. I prefer to have sapid thing..

Guo brilliant brilliant discloses, she goes abroad pepper sauce is every time necessary. "Buy outside, not be mom gives what I do. Athenian Olympic Games when, I took sauce of a lot of pepper, for instance ' old dry Mom ' ah of what matching convenient cover to eat together next, namely such I just take Olympic Games champion, ah, cannot think of. Cannot think of..

Nevertheless, this Beijing Olympic Games, guo Guo need not plan these things again, her boot is OK also a bit lighter. But before seizing a journalist, understand, case of Guo brilliant brilliant is not met light come down, because she took another shape again,love most -- chocolate.

Actually, not only it is Guo brilliant, when including Zhou Jigong to make an athlete in those days, they like to eat chocolate very much. "The diver's stomach is very small. " week leader of a group says, "It is by hunger small. Because want to complete an action, the thing dare have far from before they train the girl especially, can be only after training, have some of compensatory caloric thing. Of course, first selection became chocolate. First selection became chocolate..

Yesterday, ask about Guo Guo took how many chocolate to enter Olympic Games village, she laughs say, have early neat, "Before me paragraph time is in England the match when, bought what time of very much enough Olympic Games takes. Bought what time of very much enough Olympic Games takes..

A lot of people say, mature person often won't behave his idea and mood go up at the face. Brilliant of that Guo brilliant after all how?

2000 Sydney Olympic Games, guo brilliant brilliant is defeated by Fu Mingxia, go up that time when the stage that receive award, she is very depressed.

2004 Athenian Olympic Games, guo brilliant brilliant wins the gold that he longs for day and night, award platform is gotten on the station again very quiet however.
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