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Domestic estate depreciates one piece acoustical Pan Shi Ge is used rise in pric
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Oriental net on August 26 message: In domestic estate one depreciates in sound, shi Ge of landed star Pan expresses publicly yesterday, because raw material price rises considerably,wait for main reason, the project is in the commercial real estate that SOHO real estate develops to will raise price in the round this year in September. He still expresses, at present home market both neither lacks the person that capital also does not lack potential demand, because still be valued for a long time to domestic estate, prospective half an year will continue to increase a project lay in to the SOHO inside a year.

Pan Shige is used rise in price answer depreciate

Just when people develops business to be in to home " Jin Jiuyin 10 " can large-scale depreciate when sale generation guesses, had developed transition to develop the SOHO China that give priority to for commercial real estate from the residence, announce all is in to will remove pair of SOHO China on September 1 however carry out project raises price in the round. Pan Shige expresses, from 2008 arrive first now, of raw material price go up very big, rolled steel uses on building site rose in price 70% , cement rose 30% , raise those who carry price those who will offset one part builds cost to rise. At the same time he says, "The circumstance of every company oneself and face market have each different, adopt what kind of strategy, I decide impossibly for them " .

Bovine gas of Pan Shige appears to point to somewhat. Recently, 10 thousand divisions were started again in Shanghai and other places new one round depreciate wet. Pan Shige analyses his Central Plains because: 10 thousand divisions are in 2007 second half of the year, begin bold and resolute to undertake adjustment to the development strategy of group of 10 thousand families, a company undertakes its strategy is adjusted so large-scaly, reason nothing more than have two, original development strategy gave an issue macroscopical perhaps situation and market produced change. Will look as a spectator, pan Shige thinks these two exist to 10 thousand divisions, "10 thousand divisions are started in Shanghai new round depreciate wet, the likelihood is the one part that their strategy adjusts " .

Value estate market for a long time as before

The enthusiasm that buys mature property in Shanghai and other places to abroad fund as before very tall, somebody thinks foreign capital is to be in " copy a copy " Chinese commerce is landed. Be aimed at such viewpoint, pan Shige is agreed with somewhat, "All capital all through the ages are the nadir that seeks the market, this is the nature of capital, do not have a change all the time thoughout the history, domestic fund is such, international capital also is such, the capital of state-operated, civilian battalion is not exceptional also. We do not know to find the nadir of the market very hard also, but can pass experience and data, judgement gives the lower interval on a market, this interval may be half an year or time of a year, we should be in this interval ceaseless ' replenish onr's stock ' " .
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