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Whats can fall to have the land agent logic that house price absolutely falls to
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In Meng Xiaosu of room group president was in a few days ago " fruit of 30 the year's harvest exhibits Chinese real estate " on when the speech, blunt ground is bright the point of view that gave oneself: What price can fall, only house price absolutely falls to be not gotten, no matter live to still invest oneself, should move now!

Ceng Youyi is planted " philosophic theory " say, the doctor expects a person sickish, ammunition business expects a war, food business expects the world crop failure... , if say this is planted " philosophic theory " be say with play means announces the person's nature, so land agent says " whats can fall, only house price absolutely falls to be not gotten " none strange; Conversely, if land agent says " whats cannot fall, only house price should fall most " , na Caiji was blamed.

Of course, as the operator of state-owend enterprise or center look forward to, meng Xiaosu so say to appear to also be not stem from interest of self of landed course of study completely to consider, stand in macroscopical economy overall situation however, and the height of social the people's livelihood. For instance he is told, the reason that house price rises demands exceeds supply namely; The house price that because demand exceeds supply,be faced and causes rises, the idea that gives about the branch is to build a house less however, control demand namely, hit conversely control demand, do excuse me you control the demand of 1.3 billion person so that live? Strength of macroscopical adjusting control is increased ceaselessly, certainly will damages industrial development, damage economic progress, control demand especially, do not accord with what working report of government of the beginning of the year puts forward this year to want to rely on consumption to help the policy that changes economy...

Pretty good, supply demand relations decides the price is unchangeable market law, however the price however may not always is real report supply demand relations, have in economics so " the price is screwy " , " the price breaks away from value " wait for a concept. China house price of these a few years also is such. What have housing demand truly is medium low income person, impoverished estate can watchtower is promoted sigh, the income of end lifetime also may not cans afford a room, why to talk to demand exceeds supply?

Alleged " build a house less, control demand " , it is a nonexistent issue actually. The State Council makes clear a requirement, of gains of gold of sell one's own things of local government land 10% hire a room to build with Yu Lian; The residence of 70% hires comfortable room of room and classics to build with Yu Lian with the ground, how is this " build a house less, control demand " ? Here, meng Xiaosu may have a bit some not quite sober, the building city that because this is wrong,runs the housing problem of complete Chinese and land agent is contacted together. To prove some issue, emphasize some point of view correct and aggrandizement is certain data argument is understandable, dan Mengxiao revive this one argument is apparent have not a leg to stand on -- it is certain that China has several farmers in the procession that building city consumption joins unlikely inside period; Already housing philtrum buys room demand estimation to hold very small proportion only again, if Meng Xiaosu is offerred data is accurate -- the person that has house property holds great majority, the person that does not have a room to live is occupied only 2% , so " the demand of 1.3 billion person " from why and come?
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