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The anthem of mad building city: If I bought the commodity house that steep fall
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Had done not have city of person controversy room " inflection point " whether actual existence, the problem of at present is: House price " drop drop endlessly " inflection point wants abduct to just can be drawn where " pause " . Land agent weichis in rich with the person that buy a house: The rich play chess that looks so that see is bought costly house think method to want " compensation " , invisible rich play chess is house of for sale commodity should be decided after all how the price of an everyone is happy. On August 4 " Guangzhou daily " message: Every square metre sells 6600 yuan house when March, be less than 5600 yuan to have to now trade? House price falls so miserably, many 20 owner that large market cheeks and resides is not willing, among them 6 people mounted the building that has not built good to say midday on August 2 " should jump building " , place favour has Jing to not have finally danger. Fire engine is in " beautiful " 6 hours after withdraw, that evening 10 when, owner people also removed, get developing the acceptance of business: This Zhou San " talk things over again " .

The normal state that throws estate market and weird did not talk, chinese owner steeps fall in house price the state of mind after is worth ponder: One person, a lot of people regard housing the investment with the largest lifetime, reject to accept again however " investment has a risk " mensurable; Both, when house price soares, they can be scolded only won't be troubled by, but house price steeps fall the psychological line of defence that broke through them however. Consumer because of steep fall and jumping at every turn the practice of the building cannot be taken admittedly, after all, mature market is a kind of contracted economy, either always benefit, also not be equivalence model, however wave, go up drop not by the person, common view is " wish to bet admit defeat " . However, of Chinese owner " flimsy " who is psychology coddle comes out -- local born and bred still Chinese estate market: Its all day long engrafts to you " earn firmly do not be defeated " feline be bored with, it always gives you advocate " go up ceaseless " distant view, awfuller is these truths still are affixed " expert scholar " , even the brand of local government. Then we will buy a room to count a kind of investment not only, more the belief that dissimilation lives for a kind of economy. Building of wine shop tea, without the room not joyous.

Xi Yan cloud: God wants his ruined, want its insanity first surely. Estate market of China is very strong very mad, the hurricane invincible of its sweep, in " buy go up to be not bought drop " below psychological suggestion, everybody is buy a house busy. But you can discover: 20 years ago, all Japanese believe " the salary tomorrow can be compared certainly much today " ; 20 years ago, all Japanese are certain: "Tokyo can become the economic center of Asia and even world certainly, so house price can compare a day one day expensive " . But, after bubble breaks down, dropped when house price after the half is much, the strength that Japanese still lends still did not disappear, "The room is borrowed " still be to be considered as better good loan. Why be instantly, we some " more than do not drop to survive " can argument threaten credence of financial safety, government? Everything all is cause and effect, except at the outset the financial orgnaization such as the bank is excessive and zealous room city, except is certain function branch greatly estate give the green light, the room city before this as to so crackers?
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