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House price rises the building rents a big our country carry out comparing and h
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House price rises still handle higher level, and the building hires carry out comparing and house value income to compare maladjusted already, before this makes become house price circumstances more not allow hopeful. National hair changes appoint the analytic report that just issues points out, this year since the beginning of the year, of price of house of our country town go situation show sure sign of look forward to, but compare with historical data phase, should go up still be in perch.

As house price rise, the building hires carry out comparing and house value income more average than international of already apparent deviate level. It is reported, "The building hires carry out to compare " it is to point to a building every square metre the ratio between lunar hire and price of every square metre. The building hires the size that carry out compares, it is whether the current judgement building city on international is put have foamy one of main index. Current, the idealer house that international approves hires carry out comparing to be in about 1 ∶ 200 to 1 ∶ 100 between. According to 70 cities sampling findings is calculated, this year first half of the year, countrywide building hires carry out to compare already under 1 ∶ 400, even if the Beijing with exuberant demand of the market that rent, the building hires carry out comparing to already also achieved 1 ∶ 325, far the floor level under ideal level. "House value income is compared " it is to show an area housing is average the price and family year the ratio of average income, what the rationality that measures room value and consumer come with it commonly on international is actual buy capacity. Specific value is greater, the disbursement of demonstrative dweller family to housing capacity is smaller. Combine international tradition, at present more general view thinks, income of value of our country house is compared in 3-6 times between more reasonable, income of value of American eye anteroom is than making an appointment with 3 times the left and right sides. National hair changes appoint data shows, income of countrywide house value was than making an appointment with 2007 7.4, among them Beijing 13.6, shanghai 9.8.

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