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Qingdao clear the supply of public rental and other objects can apply for colleg
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    General Office of Qingdao Municipal Government recently introduced "to speed up the implementation of the development of public rental housing advice." Based on opinion, the new sets of public rental housing, dwelling floor area of 60 square meters within strictly controlled. Implementation of the different groups is not higher than the market rent of the differential rent of rent, the rent of public rental housing, the implementation of dynamic adjustment, in principle, to the public every 3 years time.

    Opinion makes clear the housing requirements and construction standards. The main stage of public rental housing to solve housing difficulties, to meet basic living needs either complete housing, can also be a form of housing quarters.

    View rules

    Set, the new sets of public rental housing, should be considered residential use of functional and spatial combination of factors such as resident population and constitute a reasonably determine the proportion and structure of the dwelling and the rent according to the different groups, in accordance with the provisions of the decoration and matching criteria for the corresponding decoration, equipped with the necessary living facilities. Among them, raising government investment in public rental housing construction should strictly implement the "low-rent housing and Qingdao, the decoration of public rental housing and related standards", in line with health and safety standards and energy saving requirements, ensure quality and safety. Construction of the dormitory in the form of public rental housing, should be consistent with the Ministry of Construction, "dormitory building design" and the provincial and municipal building standards, codes and regulations.

    Opinion makes clear that the main targets of public rental housing supply for the urban low-income housing for needy families, the introduction of talent, new housing workers in the employment of disadvantaged groups and migrant workers. Among them, the government investment in public rental housing was built to raise access conditions should be based on local economic development level and financial status of reasonable assurance, at this stage mainly for the purchase of affordable housing meet the conditions of the city, does not afford the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, and personnel departments in charge of the introduction of talent supply. Investment enterprises and other social institutions to raise public rental housing was built mainly for new employees and migrant workers employment supply. New employment workers mainly work in the city a certain number of years of college graduates; mainly migrant workers have stable employment, living in the city over a certain period of non-local workers.

    Public rental housing tenant groups to different higher than the market rent on the non-differential of the rent. Government investment in public rental housing rental housing market with lots of standard rent under a certain percentage of fall. Entrusted with the market rental agencies assess the professional qualifications of the determination. Investment and construction companies and other institutions of public rental housing rents from the investment bodies themselves and reported to the local district city housing prices and housing administrative department administrative departments for the record.



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