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Qingdao is only the market price of public rental rent - half
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This year in August, the first district of Qingdao Stone Hippo 1345 families have been early adopters of public rental, this is the first to concentrate on building the province's public rental program. It is understood that the district is divided into One Bedroom and Two Bedroom units, covering an area ranging from 40-65 square meters. Currently, the market rents in the area has reached 20 yuan per square meter, but as a public rental, tenant to pay only 11 yuan per square meter can be, only half the market price.
Bureau of Yantai City building housing the official told reporters that the object of public rental is targeted not enjoy the treatment of low-rent housing, economic capacity and not enough to buy the fitness room of the city, "sandwich class" group. However, not all of the "sandwich class" can do so live in public rental, such as Qingdao, the application to set a strict threshold. According to Qingdao City, "on public rental housing with rent management advice", the applicant must meet four conditions: Area 4 family members with permanent residence in the city, including at least one person should reach more than 5 years; per capita housing floor area of 10 square m; per capita monthly income between 610 yuan -1277 yuan; family property standards for total household income ceiling of 4 times.
The official also said that the company built by Qingdao rental community built entirely by government-funded, with the large-scale public rental advance has been the leading role the government can not alone be difficult to recover the rental income less cost, and if not adequate financial support will not be able to continue large-scale construction of public rental. In addition to wholly owned investment and construction of Qingdao River Madan Gong rental project, construction of public rental also developed the "built with" system, in conjunction with construction of the system is also written "measures", which also will become the province's construction of public rental general way.

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